YOHIO in Metro (translated interview)

See the actual interview in Metro.

(Observe that this text is translated by me according to my way of interpreting the interview.)



YOHIO won the hearts of the people

Mars 9th, YOHIO became the winner of the Swedish people. But Europe didn’t support ”Heartbreak Hotel” that finally ended up as number 2 in the competition. It’s like tripping right before the goal-line-says YOHIO.

The 17 year old YOHIO from Sundsvall was the big favorite when the finale was determined at Friends Arena this Saturday night.

But when the international juries had given their score, it seemed to be a major failure for Heartbreak Hotel. At this point, Heartbreak Hotel was placed second last. Eventually, YOHIO won the hearts of the people when he was the one to get most votes by the Swedish viewers.

– I was extremely nervous when the viewers score was presented and when there only was two songs left. I’m not that good at math since I dropped out of school in ninth grade, says YOHIO.

It wasn’t enough. YOHIO ended up at second place in the competition after Robin Stjernberg and his song “You”.

– It’s like tripping right before the goal-line. Technically I got the most votes from Sweden. If Europe wouldn’t have rejected me, I would have won, says YOHIO.

Still, YOHIO was happy after the broadcast.

– We came from nothing and got a second place in the Song Contest. It feels really great that it all went so well. I couldn’t never have imagined that, says YOHIO.

He doesn’t think that Europe is ready for his excessive style and show yet.

– My fears came true. This might indicate that Europe is a little bit behind and Sweden lies ahead in time. We have to be patient and wait ‘til they understand this whole thing, says YOHIO.

It will be Robin Stjernberg who represents Sweden in the European Song Contest in malmö in May.

– I feels good to loose against Robin. I’ve always thought that his song has been special, it’s uniquely composed. I think his worthy representing us, says YOHIO.

Even though there was no victory for YOHIO, he will not get any time to rest. Mars 27th will he release his debut album “Break the border” in Sweden and in April it will be available as a Japanese version.

– I will start working on new stuff already this Monday. There’s no time to think more about this, says YOHIO.

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