YOHIO did not win the Swedish song contest (translated interview)

A lot of YOHIO-fans are very disappointed right now since YOHIO didn’t advanced to participate in the European Song Contest.



He got the largest amount of votes from the Swedes but got too low points from the European juries which hindered him from winning.

Here’s an interview with YOHIO after the competition and there’s a translation into English below for my international readers.

Interview with YOHIO on SVT

(Observe that this text is translated by me according to my way of interpreting the interview.)

Interviewer: So how does this feel YOHIO?

YOHIO: It’s fine, after all, I got most the votes here in Sweden. So it feels very good to have that support, really.

Interviewer: You kind of tripped right at the goal-line. How does it feel to have been so close (to victory)?

YOHIO: Well, it’s tough in some ways, just being some points from winning and if Europe just had been a bit nicer but… what the heck… we’ll take Europe at another time!

Interviewer: You have experienced a really great journey after all, what has this all meant to you?

YOHIO: It has meant a lot to me, to be able to change Sweden and making them accept something new.

Interviewer: What do you say about the fact the Robin became the winner?

YOHIO: Robin is an amazing singer and his song was very unique. I’m not surprised that he won and I’m very glad that he will represent us (in Eurovision cong contest), really.

Interviewer: Thank you so much.

YOHIO: Thanks.

Seems like YOHIO tries to do some fanservice with Robin...? ^_-

Seems like YOHIO tries to do some fanservice with Robin…? ^_-

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