Orochi, here I come!

Mars 24th I will jump on a plane in Stockholm and fly to The Czech Republic. To Prague to be exact.

The reason behind this is that I will to see Orochi perform live, which they will do at the Matrix club. I hope the inhabitants in Czech Republic knows English ’cause I sure don’t know how to speak Czech . I don’t even now what currency they have. ^^



I’m very excited! Orochi, here I come, all the way from Sweden! ^^

Who else will be there? You? In that case, reply to this post or send me a mail!

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OROCHI (オロチ)

Formed: 2004

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Vocal: Ushiwaka (宇獅和歌)
Vocal: Ushiwaka (宇獅和歌) (OROCHI)
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Bass: Shin
Bass: Shin (しん) (OROCHI)
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Member History

Former members:

  • Dr. 源氏蛍 OROCHI → VIRGENOW(support)
  • Ba. mitsuhide OROCHI, Raddoc(support) → Raddoc(Kyoto) → ?

Support members:

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  1. Hi, found your site while looking for pictures from Orochi’s concert in Prague yesterday. I was there as well and I think we met – unless there were more girls from Sweden, which I really, really doubt ^^ Anyway, I hope the concert met all your expectations and that you managed to get home safely – after all, it’s a long way to Sweden.

    • Hi! I think I was the only foreigner there…. it felt like that anyway. ^_-

      It gladdens me that you found your way here. 🙂 Was it you who helped me to order a drink? I’m about to publish a post about the concert so I hope you return to see it. 🙂 I hope you liked the gig as well – I loved it!

      • Yes, that was me 🙂 I hope you really did get the drink you meant.
        And I think there were at least two more foreigners, a French girl and an English speaking girl, I saw them later at the bus station.
        And as for the gig – I was extatic, delighted and overjoyed and .. and … I am afraid I have no words to describe it. The whole thing was amazing but what really made my day was when they announced “Kasuga”. I had been hoping to hear it live so much!! So I will definitely be back to read your report and see some pictures to make the wonderful impressions last a little longer ^^

      • Yes, I did! Thanks! In Sweden “redbull drink” usually means redbull and vodka so I thought it was obvious. ^^ There’s some things that differ a lot between Sweden and Czech Republic. ^^
        I loved the concert and I will hopefully publish my stuff tonight. My computer bailed out on me yesterday so I had to format it totally. *grrr*

        Yes, it was a lovely moment. Wish it could have been longer. ^^

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