In memory of hide #23

After the violation of hide’s grave, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to him; to honor his memory in times when others don’t. This is for all of you who loves hide.

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Two years after hide’s death (year 2000) the prime minister of Japan, Koizumi Junichiro, established a memorial museum for hide. He was a big X-Japan-fan himself!

The museum was opened in Hide’s hometown, near the ocean line. In that museum, you could see a lot of hide’s belongings from his guitars, his clothes, music and movie collections, things he had collected from all around the world. You could even see his car.

Of course it was hide’s music playing inside.

hide in wax

hide in wax

There was also a cafe called “Cafe Lé Psyence” (after one of hide’s songs) and hide’s shop “LEMONed I Shop” (named after hide’s song “LEMONed I Scream.”). There used to be several LEMONed Shops in Japan, but today I believe there’s only one left – the one in Harajuku.

The museum was unfortunately closed on September 25, 2005. Probably by financial reasons. I never got a chance to visit it myself.

For some time you could visit it “virtually” on hide’s official website hide-city but it doesn’t seem to be there any more either. Do anyone know why?

It’s too bad, ’cause I liked to walk around in it. But we can always get a glimpse of what it used to be via this movie-clip:

Hide museum

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Hideto hide Matsumoto


Artist name: hide
Real name: 
Hideto Matsumoto (松本秀人)
Occupations: Songwriter, guitarist, singer
Also known as: lead guitarist in X JAPAN
Solo career start: 1997 (after disbandment of X JAPAN)

template-cakeDecember 13th 1964, born in Kanagawa, Yokosuka
template crossMay 2nd 1998, in Tokyo

Member History

Hideto hide Matsumoto

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