In memory of hide #9

After the violation of hide’s grave, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to him; to honor his memory in times when others don’t. This is for all of you who loves hide.

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Hideto hide Matsumoto

hide truly had a lot of energy, especially on stage. But actually, he was also frequently described as a very calm person. This is from Taiji Sawada’s book (bassist in X Japan):

hide & taiji

hide & taiji

“When hide and I met again then, I felt that our conversation was so sharp and lively, and that hide was a very sensitive person, very in control of himself. Philosophically, hide made you feel an anti-Establishmentarian atmosphere around him.” 

“If I can say this, he was a very punkish person. A cool theorist, smart, good at making people laugh.” 

“hide had a very deep way of talking. It wasn’t troublesome or theoretical or anything like that; it was profound.” 

“I wasn’t the only one who felt so respectful towards hide. I believe firmly that to the other members as well, hide was the leader of calmness.”

Hide often got in arguments and fights when he had been drinking, though. Some peope simply can’t handle alcohol and hide was one of them.

I hope he was better at it than on this video where he rather shows how NOT to fight – refereed to by others as “hide’s retarded fight”. ^^


He looks so funny, cracks me up. ^^

And in contrast to calmless, I would like to watch hide and the Spread Beaver perform “Lassie” – a really energetic song!

I just love the way he howls to the audience in the end. And that carriage-thingy he rolls away on – what the heck is that? XD


Lyrics translated into English

She doesn’t worry, when it’s about me, she’s never there
She’s faithful but she has always a common animal to love
If she would bring back to me like a bone, she would hear when I would call back her, darling
She would slobber on me and lick my shoes

Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
Run for your master
Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
Her tail swings for you who are full of satisfaction

Even if the free time of an impulsive like you is unexisting, you do anything with your hands
You try highest rank dog food
I’m your faithful dog in spite of what you say
Really, I’m going to bite your hands, oh my dog !

Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
Is it me who’s stepping on your tail ?
Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
Is it wrong to bark even with a faint voice ?
Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
I didn’t call you !
Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
If I walk you will protect my back

She plays her role and makes blood flowing if it’s to help me
That is what’s the most precious for you, my electric insect
But when she bites bites bites your important guests
It’s a judgment’s error, you say bye bye bye to her master

Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
Run ! For this evening
Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
All my affection is gone
Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
Run ! For today
Lassie Lassie Lassie Lassie
Although one can’t take down your collar, although nobody caresses you
You will go running everywhere

Lyrics in roman letters

Kini shinaide boku no koto nara zenzendaijobudakara
Itsudatte chuujitsunashimobe aisubeki katoudoubutsu
Honesaekurereba iukoto kikuyo darling
Yodaretarashite okutsunamemasho bow wow wow

Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Hashire goshujin no tameni
Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Shippo futterya manzokuna kimi ni bow wow wow

Kimamana kimi no himatsubushidemo otedemo nandemo suruyo
Saikoukyuu dogfood wa kimi ga tameshitegoran
Boku wa chuuken kimi no iunaridattanoni
Masaka kimi no otede kamutowa oh my dog!

Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Shippo fundano omaedaro?
Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Hoete waruika jigoe nandayo
Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Ore wa so-yu-fu-ni yobaretakanai !
Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Ore ga arukeba bou ga yokerusa bow wow wow

Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Lassie lassie lassie lassie

Yakuni tatanu kettousho wa hara no tashinimo naranee
Sore ga kiminiwa ichiban taisetsu denden mushidemo kamawanee
Kimi no daijina okyakuni kamitsuke bite bite bite
Abayo goshujin omegane chigaisa bye bye bye

Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Hashire ! konya no meshi no tameni
Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Koshigaunaruze hajjouki
Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Hashire ! onore no kyou no tameni
Lassie lassie lassie lassie
Kubiwa hazusenaikedo daremo nadenaikeredo
Doko e demo hashitteyukerusa bow wow wow

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Hideto hide Matsumoto


Artist name: hide
Real name: 
Hideto Matsumoto (松本秀人)
Occupations: Songwriter, guitarist, singer
Also known as: lead guitarist in X JAPAN
Solo career start: 1997 (after disbandment of X JAPAN)

template-cakeDecember 13th 1964, born in Kanagawa, Yokosuka
template crossMay 2nd 1998, in Tokyo

Member History

Hideto hide Matsumoto

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