In memory of hide #5

After the violation of hide’s grave, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to him; to honor his memory in times when others don’t. This is for all of you who loves hide.

Hideto hide Matsumoto - last live

Hideto hide Matsumoto – last live

Time for tears again.

This time I will show you the promotion video for X-Japan’s song “I.V”.

This song was released January 23rd 2008, in other words; after hide’s death. This was X-Japan’s first song after “The Last song” that was released 1998.

Yoshiki was offered by Liongate to compose the main theme to the movie “Saw IV” (You know, one of these horror movies). That’s why you will see sequences from the movie in the promotion video.

Yoshiki chose to use unreleased guitar tracks by hide in this song, which makes it very special. He also decided to perform it with his band, X-Japan, that the previous year had announced their comeback. Yoshiki, Toshi, Heath and Pata were all together again. Only one missing: hide.

In the video, you’ll see them perform on the rooftop of Aqua City in Tokyo. If you look closely, you can now and then see shots of hide flashing by on great monitors. I believe this is a beautiful arrangement by the band; letting hide participate from the other side of the grave. They had even put hide’s guitar on the stage, on the spot where hide would have been standing if he would have been with us today.

It’s a powerful song, and it always leads my thoughts to the Pink Spider.

Lyrics to I.V.

Needles are piercing through my skin
I’ll tell you the feeling what it’s like
Is life just all about deception
Please don’t be a part of the fairy tale
But you’re so young to play with thy own will
Should I trade the breath of my life for freedom?

(In the rain) I’m calling you, dear
(Find a way) Can’t you see me standing right here?
(Feel my pain) Life’s bleeding from fear
(To find its way) I will give it straight from my vein

(Needles are piercing through my skin
I don’t fear the fucking life)

Never let life pass you by
They say as if it takes me somewhere
Just let me swallow the faith by injection
Let life be rushing to my head, my love

I’ve played this game before
To find a piece of my true self
I’m lost within!

(In the rain) I’m calling you, dear
(Find a way) Can’t you see me standing right here?
(Feel my pain) Life’s bleeding from fear
(To find its way) I will give it straight from my vein

I.V. in my veins – to feel less it’s pain
Can you strip away the mystery of the world
And let it suffer for its lie
Til the shape of the shadow fades
Til forever fades away

I’m calling you dear
Can’t you see me standing right here?
Life’s bleeding from fear
I will give it straight from my vein

(In the rain) I’m calling you, dear
(Find a way) Can’t you see me standing right here?
(Feel my pain) Life’s bleeding from fear
(To find its way) I will give it straight from my vein


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Formed: 1982
Disband: 1997
Comeback: 2007

Changed name: from X to X JAPAN 1992 to distinguish from an American punk group with the same name.

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Vocal: Toshi
Vocal: Toshi (Toshimitsu Deyama) (出山利三)
template-cakeOct 10th 1965
template webpage homepagetemplate youtube
Guitar: Pata
(石塚 智昭)
Guitar: Pata (Tomoaki Ishizuka) (石塚 智昭)
template-cakeNov 4th 1965
template_facebooktemplate webpage homepage
Guitar: Sugizo
(杉原 康弘)
Guitar: Sugizo (Yasuhiro Sugihara) (杉原 康弘)
template-cakeJuly 8th 1969
template_twittertemplate_facebooktemplate webpage homepage
template youtubetemplate mixi
Bass: Heath
(森江 博)
Bass: Heath (Hiroshi Morie) (森江 博)
template-cakeJan 22nd 1968
template webpage homepage
Drums: Yoshiki
(林 佳樹)
Drums: Yoshiki (Yoshiki Hayashi) (林 佳樹)
template-cakeNov 20th 1965
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Eternal Members

Guitar: hide (Hideto Matsumoto) (松本秀人)
Gt: hide (Hideto Matsumoto)
template-cakeDec 13th 1964
template crossMay 2nd 1998
Bass: TAIJI (Sawada Taiji) (沢田 泰司)
template-cakeJuly 12th 1966
template crossJuly 17th 2011

Member History

Former members:

  • Gt. hide → (SABER TIGER→SAVER TIGER) → XX JAPAN, hide(solo) → hide with Spread Beaver, zilch → [deceased May 2nd 1998]
  • Ba. TAIJI → TRASH → DEMENTIA → PLOWER → X → FATIMA, DEAD WIRE → X → LOUDNESS → D.T.R., Kings → D.T.R. → Cloud Nine → Otokaze → Taiji with Heaven’s, The Killing Red Addiction, D.T.R., Cloud Nine, TSP → [deceased July 17th 2011]

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