The vandalization of hide’s grave

Some days ago, on Mars 1st, Hideto hide Matsumoto‘s grave was vandalized. When I heard about it yesterday after my blog post concerning the Amaranyx concert I first got speechless and angry. I had been so happy during my visit in Cologne. And now, something like this happened the very same day. The anger is still there, but most I feel sad and so disappointed at human kind.

I haven’t been able to blog about it until now. But now I feel that I have say something.

Until now, hide’s grave has been free to visit for the public. I dream of visiting it myself one day, to honor his memory. hide is a legend. In my world of Visual Kei, he will always be the number one.

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Hideto hide Matsumoto

For those who isn’t familiar with hide, he used to be guitarist in the great Japanese band X-Japan. Even after their disbanding, he continued to share his music with the world, solo and with a his own band. He was one of the most influential and talented musicians in the Japanese music industry. I don’t think western people understand how popular and talented he was.

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Hideto hide Matsumoto

May 2nd 1998, hide was found in his Tokyo apartment with a towel wrapped around his neck, tied to the bathroom doorknob. It looked like he had hanged himself. Some people believe it really was a suicide and there has been a lot of speculations concerning the lyrics to “Pink Spider” which he had performed the day before his death.

hide performs Pink Spider live the day before his death:

Did he want to escape from this world? Was the lyric a message, a goodbye?

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Some claims that it was an accident. hide had a great career behind him and there was no reason for him to commit suicide. It was no secret that hide had problems handling alcohol and he had been out drinking that night. Those who believe it was an accident often refer to the fact that it’s a common practice for guitarists to stretch their back muscles and this was a technique commonly used by the X-Japan members during their touring days. Taiji Sawada, former bassist in X-Japan (and who’s not longer with us either), believed that hide’s intoxicated state made him fall asleep and hence accidentally strangled himself to death.

The Funeral TV Report

Yoshiki’s speech:

“I’m very shocked to hear about his death. I still can’t believe what has happened. Right now, he’s sleeping with a beautiful face. I tried to wake him up many times, but he’s still sleeping. Between the five of us, hide was the one who kept his calm and thought out things. Even though I was the leader, he was the calm one who gave me good advice when I was being short tempered and emotional. Of course with all that pressure, he too almost lost his identity. But during those hard times, he’d always give me a call. We would talk about X, music, friends, life, fans, almost anything. He was like a big brother to me and sometimes like a young brother too. We’d drink together and sometimes fight. But the next day, he’d come to me and say, “Yoshiki, have I done something last night? I’m sorry, I don’t remember a thing.” But this time, he didn’t say anything back to me… sleeping. To all fans and friends, you must all be confused. I also cannot express this sadness in words, but we must understand and accept this painful reality. Everyone please watch over his eternal sleep warmly.”

Watching this is so painful. Horrible. I cry everytime.
I don’t know what to think myself. I want to think it was an accident. The very thought that hide would have been so unhappy breaks my heart.

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Hideto hide Matsumoto

A whole nation mourned his death and over 70 000 people attended at his funeral May 7th 1998. He was only 33 years old when he left us. The Pink Spider was gone. But not in our hearts.

The incident with hides grave is under investigation. According to hide’s Official website, the headstone had been deliberately damaged with a sharp object. Items and photos had been stolen. There was liquor left on the headstone and clutter in the area. People had reported noisiness, which might imply that this was an action by drunk people.

Hideto hide Matsumoto's headstone

Hideto hide Matsumoto’s headstone

People used to visit hide’s grave everyday. Now it’s closed to the public. Maybe it will be closed for ever.

Please, let him rest in peace and let us who love him have a place to go to honor and mourn. I hope these people who disgraced this holy place get caught and grimly punished. I despise you so much there’s no words for it.

Hideto hide Matsumoto

Hideto hide Matsumoto

hide, Pink Spider, our leading star on the Visual Kei night-sky, rest in peace.
You will always, always, always shine in our hearts.

Pink Spider lyrics translated into English:

You wrap yourself in needles and threads of lies
A small world You thought it was everything
You hurt anything that comes near
You thought the sky was a square

“this is it… this’s all there is, isn’t it?”,
You said That’s a lie too

Wildly decorated your patterns look lonely
The paradise bird unusually came over to talk

“Steal that butterfly’s wings and come over here”
“Everything’s to your desire on the other side”

PINK SPIDER “I wanna go there”
PINK SPIDER “I wish I had wings…”

Ignoring the captured butterfly’s desperate plea
You glare at the sky
“I didn’t hurt because I hated,
I didn’t have wings
And the sky was too high”

“You should use my wings, SPIDER
You don’t know the pain of endless flight
And maybe you’ll realize one day,
That you were only flying in the palms of someone else
And even dared to call that freedom.”

Couldn’t fly with borrowed wings
You fall straight down head first

PINK SPIDER “It’s no good”
PINK SPIDER “But I can see the sky…”
PINK SPIDER “It’s a failure”
PINK SPIDER “I wish I had wings…”

Beyond that barely visible sky
Birds heading south
“Let’s fly once again Cutting down these threads
This time with one’s own JET
When that cloud passes…”

PINK SPIDER The sky is calling

A pink spider flows across the sky….

Pink Spider lyric in japanese (roman letters)

Kimi wa uso no ito harimegurashi
Chiisana sekai subete dato omotteta
Chikazuku mono wa nan demo kizutsukete
Kimi wa sora ga shikaku ito omotteta
“kore ga subete… douse konna mon darou”
Kimi wa itta… sore mo uso sa…
Kebakebashii kimi no moyou ga sabishisou de
Gokuraku chou ga mezurashiku hanashi kaketa
“chou no hane itadaite kocchi koi yo”
“mukou dewa omoitoori sa”
Pink Spider “ikitai naa”
Pink Spider “tsubasa ga hoshii…”
Toraeta chou no inochi koi kikazu
Kimi wa sora wo niramu
“kizutsuketa no wa nikui kara jya nai
Boku ni wa hane ga naku
Ano sora ga takasugita kara…”
“watashi no tsubasa wo tsukau ga ii wa, Spider.
Tobitsuzukeru tsurasa wo shiranai anata mo,
Itsuka kigatsuku koto deshou.
Jibun ga dareka no te no naka de shika tonde inakatta koto ni.
Soshite, sore wo jiyuu nante yondeita koto ni mo….”
Karimono no tsubasa dewa umaku tobezu
Massakasama tsuirakushite yuku
Pink Spider “mou dame da”
Pink Spider “sora wa mieru noni…”
Pink Spider “shippai daa”
Pink Spider “tsubasa ga hoshii…”
Wazukani mieta ano sora no mukou
Toritachi wa minami e
“mou ichido tobou kono ito kirisaki
Mizukara no jetto de
Ano kumo ga toorisugitara…”
Pink Spider sora wa yondeiru
Pink Spider Pink Spider
Momoiro no kumo ga sora wo nagareru…

Comments about this incident on hide’s Official website.


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Formed: 1982
Disband: 1997
Comeback: 2007

Changed name: from X to X JAPAN 1992 to distinguish from an American punk group with the same name.

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Vocal: Toshi
Vocal: Toshi (Toshimitsu Deyama) (出山利三)
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Guitar: Pata (Tomoaki Ishizuka) (石塚 智昭)
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Guitar: Sugizo
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Guitar: Sugizo (Yasuhiro Sugihara) (杉原 康弘)
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Drums: Yoshiki (Yoshiki Hayashi) (林 佳樹)
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Eternal Members

Guitar: hide (Hideto Matsumoto) (松本秀人)
Gt: hide (Hideto Matsumoto)
template-cakeDec 13th 1964
template crossMay 2nd 1998
Bass: TAIJI (Sawada Taiji) (沢田 泰司)
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Member History

Former members:

  • Gt. hide → (SABER TIGER→SAVER TIGER) → XX JAPAN, hide(solo) → hide with Spread Beaver, zilch → [deceased May 2nd 1998]
  • Ba. TAIJI → TRASH → DEMENTIA → PLOWER → X → FATIMA, DEAD WIRE → X → LOUDNESS → D.T.R., Kings → D.T.R. → Cloud Nine → Otokaze → Taiji with Heaven’s, The Killing Red Addiction, D.T.R., Cloud Nine, TSP → [deceased July 17th 2011]

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  1. Mankind disappoints me so much these days. I can’t believe what these people have done. First I hear about Junko Furuta’s case and how her captors are on the loose once again, and now I hear about this. Why do a few horrible people have to ruin it for everyone? Hide’s grave does not deserve this treatment, and because of these people, now hide’s grave is closed to the public view, so even his fans who love him dearly can’t see it. I hope that one day, I can meet Yoshiki and ask him personally to take me to hide’s grave. Because I think, now, that is the only way I will ever get to see it. I also hope to visit Kami (Malice Mizer)’s grave one day. I will honor them forever.

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