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When I sat on the train, on my way to Arlanda Airport for my flight to Japan last November, I saw these news on the TV-screen. Observe that this was BEFORE YOHIO’s performance in the Swedish song contest. ^^

Yohio on the news even before the Song Contest

Yohio on the news even before the Song Contest

Today when I sat on the train again (heading for Cologne in Germany) the news on the same screen mentioned “the crossdressing singer from Sundsvall”.

He’s truly everywhere nowadays. Suddenly, people around me talks about visual kei. Some months ago noone had any idea of what it was. What will happen if YOHIO advances to the Eurovision Song Contest? Will entire Europe suddenly “know” visul kei?

I must admit that I have mixed feelings about this. I’ve googled around and found a great amount of blogs where teens recently have fallen in love with the genre (due to YOHIOs performance) and describes visual kei as “dressing up as a girl”. It’s not that simple.

I don’t know. Maybe some things should stay underground…?

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