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So have YOHIO’s preview of “Heartbreak Hotel”-video been released. It’s recorded in Tokyo, which makes me a bit sentimental. But where else would it be shot?
I think it looks promising and I would like to see the rest. 🙂

YOHIO - Heartbreak Hotel preview

YOHIO – Heartbreak Hotel preview

Apparantly the preview of YOHIO’s promotion video for “Heart break hotel” not accessable on YouTube at the moment, but you can get a sneakpeak here instead: SVT.se YOHIO – Heart break Hotel


I’m a Swedish woman and hence the content on this blog is colored by a Swedish woman’s way to embrace and look at the world. ^^

But I realize that I actually gain more and more followers on this blog every day and many of you are not from Sweden. You are from all over the world, from countries I didn’t even know where they are on the map (I’ve always been lousy at Geography… sorry! ^_-).

Anyway, I’ve been mentioning this guy YOHIO a lot and I realized that he’s maybe an unknown artist (?) for many of you.

Therefor, I will make a brief introduction.

YOHIO was born in July 12th year 1995 in a small town in Sweden in Sundsvall – in other words; he has been successful at a very young age. The name “YOHIO” is actually a modification of one of his middle-names “Johio” and it’s always written with capitals (it’s a japanese thing…)

YOHIO grew up with music. His father Tommy Rehn is guitarist ni the rockband Corroded and nowadays works as YOHIO’s manager. YOHIO’s uncle Chris Rehn is a member of Takida and his grandfather Jan-Eric Rehn used to be guitarist in the popband Panthers back in the 60s.

YOHIO is a talented guitarist, singer and composer. He also plays the piano actually.

He started his career as the guitarist in the Swedish visual kei band Seremedy.


A quite old picture of Seremedy. Do you recognize YOHIO? ^^

Hence, YOHIO has been known in Sweden for quite a while -> IN VISUAL KEI CIRCLES <- but not by the public.

YOHIO's look in Seremedy became girlier.

YOHIO’s look in Seremedy became girlier.

In Seremedy, YOHIO was that member that dressed up as a lolita and played the fragile and feminine character.

Old picture of YOHIO

Old picture of YOHIO

He’s like the Swedish equivalence to Versailles’ Hizaki. ^^

hizaki YOHIO

YOHIO and Hizaki

And apparently YOHIO and Hizaki are friends ALSO. There’s NO END to my envy. ^^ YOHIO calls Hizaki for “his older sister”.

Next step in the visual change.

Next step in the visual change.

yOld picture of YOHIO

Old picture of YOHIO

I went to see their release gig here in Stockholm when they celebrated their release of the album “Welcome to our madness”. My review of the gig can be read here.

YOHIO's latest look in Seremedy

YOHIO’s latest look in Seremedy

Even though all the guys in Seremedy are very talented, it became pretty clear to me that YOHIO is the star. He made amazing guitar-solos, and when he grabbed the microphone and sang – it was magical.


YOHIO in Seremedy’s first PV “NO ESCAPE”.

Not that surprisingly YOHIO started to focus on a solo carrier and released songs that I suppose was easier to accept by common people. Easier to embrace than Seremedy’s songs that was much harder and “screamier”. YOHIO’s music still held that Visual Kei and j-rock essence though. ’cause it’s a wide genre music-wise.


YOHIO in the very wellknown Swedish show “Skavlan”

When YOHIO’s visual kei fans heard that he would participate in the Swedish version of the Eurovision Song Contest, most of us could hardly believe what we heard. We thought he would be attacked by “the wolves”, being mocked. Were simple minded Swedes really ready for a guy with pony tails, makeup and cute dresses?


YOHIO – cuter than most girls. ;-p

Well, apparently they were. YOHIO got a great response in media and showed up everywhere, in TV-shows you never thought you would see him in. Suddenly, “visual kei” left our underground world. Actually, that felt a bit scary. But YOHIO presented the concept well.


YOHIO has been a guest is sooooo many TV shows before the contest.

YOHIO is not ALWYAS girly-girly.

YOHIO is not ALWAYS girly-girly.

YOHIO won the first level of the song contest with the song “Heartbreak Hotel” and now we’re waiting – excited – for the final that will take place Mars 9th.


YOHIO express victory

If YOHIO wins, that means that visual kei will be represented in the greatest European music festival ever. Since YOHIO is one of the promising candidates, he’s very known and recognized in Sweden right now – and that’s why I blog about him time to time. But do not forget that he’s probably much bigger in Japan and has been so much earlier before he participated in the song contest. The Japaneses loves YOHIO.


YOHIO started to study Japanese by his own when he was 10 years old. Today he speaks fluently.


2013 – Break the Border (upcoming)

2012 – Reach the Sky

2012 – “Sky Limit”
2012 – “Our Story”
2012 – “Heartbreak Hotel”

An old picture of SEIKE (singer in Seremedy) and YOHIO.

An old picture of SEIKE (singer in Seremedy) and YOHIO.

First, YOHIO could be seen in Seremedy’s promotion video “NO ESCAPE“.

Then you could see him as a solo-artist in SKY☆LiMiT:

Watch it on YouTube: YOHIO – SKY☆LiMiT (embedding forbidden)

YOHIO - Sky Limit

A less feminine YOHIO turned up in his next PV “Our Story“:

Watch it on Youtube:  YOHIO – Our Story (embedding forbidden)

YOHIO - Our Story

And now, recently, he performed in the Swedish Song Contest with Heart Break Hotel. The promotion video is work in progress.

Watch his live performance of Heart Break Hotel  on dailyMotion: YOHIO – Heartbreak Hotel (Live Melodifestivalen 2013)

YOHIO - heart break hotel

And don’t forget – that behind all that cool clothes and makeup is a regular human being that deserves respect and love – just like anybody else!


YOHIO without makeup.

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  1. I really love all of YOHIO’s solo work it has great composition and lyrics.Also as an artist and performer he is very inspirational to alot of people worldwide.

  2. I was really upset when that stupid European jury made him come second :'( I woted like a 100 times!!! Ok maybe not a 100 but at least 30! At least he got the Swedish votes!
    And everyone I whine to just says that “You” will have a better chance in Eurovision…who the **** cares??
    YOHIO is so cute and I envy him a bit…fluent in Japanese and everyting… Oh well I study Japanese now at least. I want to go there again!
    YOHIO がんばれ! 好きだよ!

    • I agree that the the Swedish people should decide which song to win, but maybe it’s true what YOHIO says, maybe Europe aren’t ready yet. Keep giving YOHIO your support. His carrier has just started, I’m sure. ^^

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