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Yasu has one of the most beautiful voices I know. I usually praise Satsuki‘s voice to the skies and I will keep doing that for as long as he sings … but Yasu is not far behind.

And it’s so funny – or stupid – I might regard it as both… For a very very long time, I listened to Janne Da Arc a lot. Yasu used to be the singer in that band.

Janne Da Arc

Janne Da Arc

I absolutely loved Janne Da Arc – and still do. Very much due to Yasu’s voice.

When they decided to take a indefinite hiatus I got pretty disappointed of course, and somehow lost interest for anything happening to the members.

Only some months ago a friend of mine wanted me to listen to Acid Black Cherry and I was like “Sure, I’ve heard some songs by them, but they kind of get lost in that blur of all jrock bands.”

So we listened to the song and I said: “This sounds SO much like the singer in Janne Da Arc.

It’s because it’s him“, my friend said.

Yasu - Acid Black Cherry

Yasu – Acid Black Cherry

And there I rediscovered Yasu and his solo project Acid Black Cherry. Yasu has a very special appearance – you don’t mistake him for someone else – just like his voice.

And  now there’s a new full promotion video available: Mirai Yosouzu Ⅱ

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Acid Black Cherry

Also known as: Yasu
Solo career start:

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Member History

Support members:

  • Gt. AKIHIDE → nostalgia → LULL → FAIRY FORE → NEVERLAND(AKIHIDE → Akihide Satou), DAIGO☆STARDUST(support), NATCHIN(support), Acid Black Cherry(support) → BREAKERZ(AKIHIDE), AKIHIDE[solo] 

Acid Black Cherry

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