Japanese robots that save your sexlife!

OK, WHERE on EARTH can you find something as weird as ROBOT CONDOMS?
I know it, you know it, let’s say it together:


The story behind these products is really funny and I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but let’s hear it:

Japanese young men in areas like Akihabara were SO engaged to their nerd activities that they kind of forgot about IRL-girls and hence didn’t have sex. That resulted in a great  profit-lost among the condom-manufacturers. At least in the Akiba-area.

Cool robot

Cool robot

It’s said that there was a poll in Akihabara, year 2002, and it turned out that most guys in the ages 20 – 30 didn’t have sex or didn’t even know what it was. A quotation from this poll:

“Sex? I might have heard of it. Is it a new role-playing game?”

Well, this sounds too silly to be true, but who knows. What’s for sure is that the robot condoms exist.

robot condoms

Robot condoms

Do you dare to click this link? (I promise you – it WILL get you into the mood!)

To increase the sales of condoms, companies adapted a concept that was familiar in Akihabara – rrrrrooooobots!

With hero robots on the packaging, equipped with an erected (and protected) penis and heavily armed with all kinds of condom-shaped weaponry, there was an insinuation that even robots have sex. And they protect themselves. Youths understands that this is something cool and important.

Each box of condoms have a unique hero robot and a matcho slogan like “Can you survive?“. Well, gamers know what “Game Over” means so they probably choose that survive-alternative.

I especially like the package to the right with the engrish slogan: “Do you have survive?” ^_-

Robot condoms

Robot condoms

You really feel that you need a pair now, don’t you?

Don’t worry, they are still for sale: Robot condoms at rakuten.co.jp Only ¥1,272 – tax included!

I guess the idea has been successful, ’cause there’s no end of the otaku condoms… (Hm… the spooky one looks cool…. or why not Poke-con. ^^) Order them here: Otaku condoms at rakuten.co.jp

Otaku condoms

Otaku condoms

Life would be boring without Japan…

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