I leave my homeland for AMARANYX

OK, so it’s time for me to jump on a plane again.
This time I go to Cologne in Germany to see Amaranyx perform live Mars 2nd. Oh, I haven’t been in Germany since 2008…. And I’ve been longing to return.



There was two Amaranyx-concerts to choose from in Germany. One in Cologne and one in Hamburg. One thing that surprised me was that the concert in Hamburg was solely for girls, which I – as a swede born and raised with Swedish culture – finds very weird and almost a bit discriminating (?).

Here’s some teaser’s from Amaranyx’s album “Rose”. “FRIGHTFUL NOOKIE” is my favorite… I hope they will play it. <3 It’s number three in the video.


People have explained to me that this kind of  division is pretty common in Japan. There are concerts solely for boys as well. A reason behind this division of genders in the audience is that small girls shouldn’t be afraid of being squashed by big guys.

Well, I tell you what scares me: hordes of fanatic fan-girls with crazy empty eyes, sharpened nails and razorblades on their yard-long fake eyelashes, punching their elbows in your ribs, tears your hair ’til you bleed, ripping your face apart and climbs on your shoes, knees, hips,  shoulders, head… well simply do anything to come as close to their idol as possible.

OK, I might have exaggerated a tiny bit, but this is how I describe the main European fan-girl. It’s totally different in Japan. They can behave, god dammit!  That’s a reason why I want to move there.

Beatles' had crazy fan-girls as well

Beatles’ had crazy fan-girls as well

Maybe you don’t believe me. Well, I can tell you a story from one of these big concerts I’ve been to:

People had been queuing for months (3 to be exact). People was running around on the area, trying to find something to eat, find their friends, finding shelter and so on. Suddenly a girl got hit by a car. It was probably driving slowly, but this girl got her foot broken.  As a compensation, she was offered a VIP-ticket to the concert – which was highly attractive to everyone. The rumor spread and what do you think happened?

Girls tried to jump in front of cars everywhere!

It was crazy to see. I feel pretty crazy sometimes too, but this is… it’s not sane is it? O_o
Fanatic girls are scaaaaaaaryyyyy…..

I can be pretty excited and fan-girly myself, but I believe it’s a good thing, ’cause it keeps my heart young and childish – and a child’s heart knows true happiness.  My brain is grown-up, but my heart will always be free from limits.

Ooooh, I look forward to this! But I won’t break a leg for you Syouta. I think… ;-p

Syouta - Amaranyx

Syouta (singer) strangles Kousuke (bassplayer) while recording the PV “Eve”. No jrockers were hurt during this recording.

Amaranyx’s official webpage
Syouta’s official blogg

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