Gunji (The fool) has been robbed

So Jun Gunji – the Fool – has encountered serious problems during his European tour. I am so angry and sad right now!!!
I pray for you, Gunji!

Jun Gunji

Jun Gunji

Message from Ramen Events:

“Message for the fans in Munich – As you already know maybe, we must apologize to you about the current situation. Yesterday, right after the concert in London, Gunji’s personal bag was stolen. None of us noticed anything, but unfortunately, it happened. Gunji lost all his personal documents, especially his passport. We tried until the last moment to find a solution with the local police, the embassy and the border agency, but it was impossible: Gunji was not allowed to leave the UK.
He’s still in London now, waiting for his new passport. So the concert of tonight will be given by ADAPTER. only. He’s a great artist, a great musician, and we hope you’ll enjoy his performance. We are sincerely sorry for this situation. We know the next shows are quite far from you, but if you have the opportunity to reach the concerts in Luxembourg or Lüttich (Liege), you’ll get a free ticket if you can show us your valid ticket for Munich. Again… Sorry guys.
Please think about Gunji now, still in London with our great local partners, and wish him to come back soon. Thank you. – Aurelie and Vanessa – Râmen Events”

Jun Gunji

Jun Gunji

How can anyone steal someone else belongings like that. 🙁

At the moment I don’t know if he’s still stuck in London or not. I really hope things will turn out well. I feel sorry for his fans which concerts must have been canceled.

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