Matenrou Opera, eh… oh?

I had a long way to go and it was snowing heavily. I brought up my iPhone and ear-pieces. Started YouTube.

First song in my list of tracks that I hadn’t listened to yet was “喝采と激情のグロリア” (Kassai to gekijou no Gloria) by Matenrou Opera. Time to explore.

Matenrou Opera

Matenrou Opera

I liked the beginning. Fast guitars. Oh, and a choir? I liked that sound. Punching drums. Oh yeah.
“This one has potential”, I thought.

But when Sono started to sing the first verse I got disappointed and though: “This will sound like everything else. Lame. Boring. Predictable.”
I wasn’t impressed but kept listening.

Then was the first chorus-part and for a nano second I got confused and thought that I was listening to Versailles’ “The Revenant Choir”.

Fortunately, a very short part sounded very much the same – but I found it quite significant. Hm…

The rest was pretty good though. A powerful feeling with fast drums, beautiful tunes and choir. Sono’s voice was strong and clean. I got the “Versailles”-feeling, in a good way.

The next verse I was more accepting. It wasn’t that boring after all. Actually it was a bit intriguing.
I kept walking.

After a while, the song ended and I decided to listen to it again. My impression of it was better this time.

“This is really nice”, I though. “I like it. I like it a lot.”

Before I had arrived to my destination, I had listened to “Kassai to Gekjou no Gloria” four times in a row and my final judgement is “WOW!”

I WANT this album! ^^

Give it a chance you too!

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