NINJAMAN JAPAN saves your day

Let’s talk about Super Sentai, super soldiers! Or to be more exaxt, the visual kei band NINJAMAN JAPAN!

I discovered NINJAMAN JAPAN via my interest of Pinky who also plays the drums in the visual kei band Plunklock. Plunklock did recently perform here in Sweden thanks to the agency Nyanko Scandal Factory. If you’re curious, take a look at my post concerning that event here: PLUNKOCKs concert in Falun, Sweden

The members of NINJAMAN JAPAN have changed over the years.

NINJAMAN JAPAN back in the days...

NINJAMAN JAPAN back in the days…

When AKI left due to an overflow of personal activities, Pinky took over the drumsticks.



The current members in NINJAMAN JAPAN are:
Vocals: Sarino
Guitar: Lida
Guitar: Daishi
Bass: Metal
Drums: Pinky



Pinky’s looks in these two bands differs a lot.


Plunklock’s look nowadays.
(Kazuki to the left has unfortunatley left the band.)

The NINJAMAN’s theme is ”superheroes” or better called “Super Sentai” which approximately means “super soldiers”. Sometimes they make some fighting performance during their lives and Lida is the one who design their funny super-soldier-costumes.

Let’s take a look at this awesome clip where you can see an introduction by NINJAMAN JAPAN (English subtitles!) and an exciting (*lol*) fighting-scene followed by a live performance!

My primary interest lies in Pinky’s carrier, since I’m a fan of Plunklock. And I like NINJAMAN JAPAN too, at least what I’ve heard so far.

A super soldier must have clean teeth.

A super soldier must have clean teeth.

A super soldier must be very agile.

A super soldier must be very agile.

Apparently, all members of NINJAMAN JAPAN has unique superpowers. Following quotation is from an article at unitedJpop (Interview with NINJAMAN JAPAN at HYPER JAPAN):

Pinky (drums) looks up to Ultraman (ウルトラマ ン) and said “It’s very thrilling to defeat the enemy within 3 minutes.” His power is the ability to control earth and is also a shapeshifter – he can “…change anything for blindfolding or hiding from the enemy.”

Lida (guitar) said his eternal heroes are the GORENGERS from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger (秘密戦隊ゴレンジャー) ! He controls water and states, “I hide in the drizzy rain, and show up everywhere.”

Metal (bass) shows his respect to Space Ironmen Kyodain (宇 宙鉄人キョーダイン), because according to him “I was filled with a sense of affinity to「Skyzel」and 「Granzel」,Because I have a younger brother”. If his name doesn’t give it away, he has the power to control anything made of metal and also has “an acuity of vision and a standout physical ability”.

Sarino (vocals) said “I like a red scarf and motorbike” thus choosing Kamen Rider (仮 面ライダー ) as his super hero! Baddies should be prepared for he is the master of Fire! “Fire could send down the bad person to a fiery inferno” and to the good citizens of the world, he said his power “…could give the good person hopes and dreams.”

Daishi (guitar) still believes in Michael Jackson, “He is still my only one hero who held out the hope for people.” He commands the wind alongside his guitar! According to Daishi, “I play a guitar to giving happiness to people. The wind advects my sound to many places.”

Are you curious of these crazy people? Let’s take a look at their PV “Fly away”:


And note that NINJAMAN JAPAN soon will release a new single in March called ”raijin / hanamuke”. Keep your eyes open!

Well, it’s great there’s still super heroes in this world. That gives me hope… ^^

NINJAMAN JAPANs fanpage on Facebook

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