Gackt and Shou – a love story

I really like Golden Bomber and I will miss them during their hiatus.

Golden Bomber

Golden Bomber

The singer – Kiryuuin Shou – is so darn cute with his squinty eyes and funny looking teeth. His smile is brighter than the sun in Sahara. He’s nervous and awkward which in his case is adorable.

Shou's many faces...

Shou’s many faces…

Shou has – a bit jokingly – been entitled as “Gackt’s biggest fanboy” and there are plenty of funny stories about them.

This recording is old (from 1999). It’s from a radio show held by Gackt. At that time, Shou was only 15 years old and probably pretty nervous. Who wouldn’t be if Gackt suddenly called to your home?

It’s hilarious. Listen yourself (subbed in English)!

Kiryuuin Shou has been hosting the radio show “All Night Nippon” since 2011 and when Gackt was his guest, Gackt gave Shou a gift, a message. Look!

Gackt's message to Shou

Gackt’s message to Shou

Look how happy Shou is!



Aaawww… Lovely kanji, a signature and a cute heart.

It says :”射精” (shasei).

That means ejaculation.

Well, what can I say. Gackt is Gackt.

The fanboy and the superstar.

The fanboy and the superstar.

Since Shou is so nervous all the time and a huge fan of Gackt, I just can’t help but smiling widely when I see them both together.
For instance, Shou joined Gackt on stage at the end of Gackts “Camui Gakuen” tour. I didn’t know that but recently.

From Camui Gakuen.

From Camui Gakuen.

The following video is from “ALL LIVE NIPPON” that took place December 15th 2012. You see Gackt in the middle of a dark scene, like a royalty, singing his hit Redemption emotionally and with power. His microphone stand looks like a creation of H.R. Giger, like a metallic alien. The lightning, his clothes… everything brings a certain seriousness over the performance.

Gackt performs with Redemption, looking cool.

Gackt performs with Redemption, looking cool.

But suddenly, Shou turns up behind him. A bit awkward he steps down to Gackt, bringing his own microphone stand that more or less looks like a cheap carbon copy of Gackt’s.

I guess Shou's budget can't be compared to Gackts...

I guess Shou’s budget can’t be compared to Gackts…

They start to talk and it seems to be a funny conversation. I wish I understood Japanese better than I do… They continued singing Redemption together. Wow… the super idol and the funny fanboy. What a moment.

Then there’s some more talking, followed by a beautiful duet where they sing: Orenji no Taiyou
Really touching.

Shou and Gackt perform together.

Shou and Gackt perform together.

And here it is in motion…

Kiryuuin Shou is such a lovely musician and “comedian” and I guess that’s a reason why I like Golden Bomber so much. Just like him, they have self-distance and a good sense of humor!
And great music, of course. ^^

That smile! <3

That smile! <3

I hope I will see more of Kiryuuin Shou soon!

Golden Bomber

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Golden Bomber (ゴールデンボンバー)

Formed: 2004
Abbreviations: Kinbaku, Bomber, GB

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Kiryuuin Shou
(鬼龍院 翔)
Vocal: Kiryuuin Shou (鬼龍院 翔) (Golden Bomber)
template-cakeJune 20th 1984
Kyan Yutaka
(喜矢武 豊)
Guitar: Kyan Yutaka (喜矢武 豊) (Golden Bomber)
template-cakeMarch 15th 1985
Utahiroba Jun
(歌広場 淳)
Bass: Utahiroba Jun (歌広場 淳) (Golden Bomber)
template-cakeAug 30th 1985
Darubisshu Kenji
(樽美酒 研二)
Drums: Darubisshu Kenji (樽美酒 研二) (Golden Bomber)
template-cakeNov 28th 1980

Member History

Former members:

  • Dr. Dankichi Tenkujou → Golden Bomber → ?
  • Dr. Teppei Chimatsuri → Office YOUNG JAPAN → Golden Bomber → Office YOUNG JAPAN

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