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It’s no exaggeration that YOHIO has become very well known in Sweden. He started as the guitarist in the band Seremedy, proceeded to a solo carrier and became big in Japan. (I believe he’s still active in Seremedy though, even though I think he’s quite busy with his own business at the moment.)

YOHIO’s first PV as a soloartist:


Now he’s big in Sweden as well and I guess we have “Melodifestivalen” (The yearly Swedish song contest”) to thank for that.
Some visual kei fans are grumpy since the underground genre is brought into the light while others are glad that it gets noticed. For underground people; “Melodifestivalen” is more or less a parody, a soulless event for mass-produced music, especially designed for a public that lack real passion for music. Hence it’s hated and mocked.
Still, a lot of people watch it – secretly. Even underground people, I believe. *ha ha*

YOHIO in Seremedy

YOHIO in Seremedy

And don’t forget – sometimes something unique enters the stage. Do you remember Lordi’s contribution (Finnish) 2006 with “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. They won the whole Eurovision Song Contest (I was so shocked back then…) Watch the performance here: Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland) 2006 Eurovision Song Contest Winner

I understand that some are disappointed YOHIO’s at song “Heartbreak Hotel” which he sang at the contest, but we must understand that that whole spectacle is packed with rules and traditions. And it’s NOT for the rebels who sit in their dark rooms, drinking beer and head-bangs to their rock-music, feeling misunderstood to the world. It’s for the majority of the people – and to be blunt – the majority of people is pretty simple minded when it comes to music.

Me myself, I kind of like it more and more. It was not what I expected, but I understand its context – and in that context it is very good!

And I could NEVER believe we would see “fanservice” in Swedish TV! Fanservice is a wellknown concept among jrockers and concerns erotic interaction between bandmembers, to put it simply. It can be everything from flirty glances, to smootching.

Yohio at the song contest

YOHIO at the song contest

Songs for this contest are probably written by the same bunch of people and the artists are picked afterwards. That’s my guess anyway. YOHIO probably had to make a compromise.
Maybe some would consider a visual kei artist to “sell his/hers soul” when attending to an event like this, but we can’t deny that it’s an excellent tool for starting a successful career – within the country and overseas. Therefore, I understand YOHIOs decision and wish him all luck.

He’s a talented young boy and deserves fame and recognition. People who are jealous or simply don’t like their “cool underground genre” to go public… well, why do you listen to your music, honestly? Is it because you like it or because it’s cool and underground? Does it make you feel special? That it becomes known to the public doesn’t necessarily means that it will change and loose its uniqueness and soul, even though there surely will pop up bands and artists that will simplify and abuse it . It already happens in Japan, for sure. That’s why you need to be aware – or simply like what you like, irrespective if it’s produced by passion or simply for money. You’re a free soul and music that makes your heart sing, well, why hindering it from doing so.That’s just plain stupid. ^^

YOHIO in his PV "Our Story"

YOHIO in his PV “Our Story”

You can keep listening to whatever visual kei is to you! YOHIO is a genuine guy with genuine interest for the Japanese culture and he is very very talented. He’s not fake and he does his thing. When people express their disappointment and anger towards me concerning things like this – I can’t keep myself from wondering: Why is it so hard to be happy for others? Why does “real fans” always have to start bitching when their idol becomes known to the world outside?

I was a little bit worried at first that YOHIO would become a clown in the eyes of the public and that people would tear him down with negative response. Therefore my heart is filled with joy when I read reviews like this. (It’s unfortunately only in Swedish. Click picture to read.)



He’s been popular in Swedish media for quite a while now, even before the song contest. And it keeps going. Here’s YOHIO getting interviewed by Lotta Bromé in the well-known Swedish radio channel P4: (Fast forward to 23.30). P4 Extra med Lotta Bromé

And with fame comes the spinoff products, of course ^_-. When you’re in the spotlight you better ride the wave. If you’re a YOHIO fan, you might like the stuff you find at

Metal wallet

Metal wallet

Well, let’s see how it all will turn out in the next round. I believe YOHIO has quite a party nowadays anyway. I just hope he won’t wear himself out. ^^

Here’s footage from YOHIOs party after the music contest. Celebration, celebration, celebration.


Oops, this was supposed to be a short post concerning YOHIO in media, and here I babble on about my own personal values concerning this and that. Well, it’s a personal blog, so…

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