BABYMETAL and the Fox god

Only in Japan… ^^

“In the era where Jpop Idols rein supreme
In the world where Jpop Idol songs has supremacy
and oppressed all over genres of music
THE FOX GOD recruited three girls, SU-METAL,
YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL, from the Jpop Idol world
and named them “BABYMETAL”.

Combining the concept of “Idol and Heavy Metal”,
they will start a new revolution
and reign as the dark heroine in the Jpop Idol world.

BABYMETAL have formed their original “FOX SIGN”,
to spread the word and SOUL of METAL throughout the Idol world.”



These words were displayed behind the scene when the girlband “BABYMETAL” performed at the “Anime festival Asia” in Singapore.

At first I thought this band was a joke. You never know when it comes to Japan. But irrespective, this band with three tiny girl mixing heavy metal with cute Jpop has become quite successful and somehow I find there music cute and fun. And sometimes quite heavy too!  It’s actually a fun mixture of two pretty different genres and that idea would NEVER be successful in a country like Sweden – for instance. That’s why Japan rules. ^^

Since it’s “Babymetal” it can’t be too rough and tough and hence there’s no devil involved. Instead there’s a “Foxgod” and if you make the regular “devil sign” with your hand, but  also put your thumb, middle-finger and ring-finger together – you make the “foxsign”.

I used to make that sign when I was a kid and lay in bed. I played with the shadows from the lamp and imagined that it was roe-deers.  Sometimes they fell in love – and sometimes they got angry at each other. *lol*
Anyway, now I know that I was wrong. It wasn’t roe-deers, it was signs from the Foxgod! *yayks*

This PV from their latest single is actually quite catchy and cute. And heavy. I like it. ^^ Let’s take a look at “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” (No more bullying):


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