YOHIO advanced to the next level!

I’m usually not interested in the Swedish “song contest” (a very big phenomena in Sweden which leads to the international “Eurovision song contest”).

Yohio performed with "Hearthbreak Hotel".

Yohio performed with “Hearthbreak Hotel”.

But this time, our very own visual-kei-swede YOHIO will attend and therefore I will watch and give him my support. I have this fear that the interest of jrock and visual kei will fade out in Sweden – and hence no more Japanese bands will come to us – so I would love to see some exposure of this genre to the public.

YOHIO made a great performance, very professional and I’m so impressed. The looks and styling was perfect – very visual kei. Beautiful – me like. (I avoid saying sexy ’cause he’s so young…)

But… the song? Heartbreak hotel? It wasn’t composed by YOHIO himself. Why not? He’s an excellent songwriter. Do a song in the Swedish song contest HAVE to sound like a typical “swedish-song-contest”-song, i.e. like something you’ve heard 1000 times before?

It was a good song but not as good as Yohio’s usual work. I wanted some growls, jrock-sound and cool guitar solos. ^^

Yohio in the yearly swedish song contest.

YOHIO in the yearly Swedish song contest.

Anyway, it wasn’t that bad in comparison to his competitors. It was a catchy song and I guess it’s more selling to the simple-minded swedes. Maybe they would have found his original sound too cool. I hope he will win the whole thing – he deserves it.

Well done, YOHIO !

Watch his performance here:


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