DAY 5: Groan of Diplosomia

Warning: This will be a very nerdy and fan-girly blog-post by me. After all, it concerns my very first concert with my number one band: The GazettE. ^^ Love

Finally it was time for the GazettE concert.

If I only had one day left to live, I would choose to relive this day.

I’ve been nervous sick about this and just getting my hands on a ticket via PS Company had been quite a struggle.



I still didn’t have a ticket in my hand, just a booking code. I prayed to all Goddesses and Gods possible that everything would turn out as I hoped without any further problems.

This was a big deal to me. GazettE has since start been the number one band for me. This would also be my first concert in Japan.

 The GazettE

The GazettE

My nervousness made me feel a bit sick. I was in cold sweat, shaking and felt dizzy, so it took a long time before I managed to get up from bed. But eventually I had to, so I made myself ready and headed to the Meiji-jingumae station from which it would be a short walk to the NHK hall.

I walked towards NHK while listening to the DIVISION album. I looked around at other people who seemed to head to the same direction and searched for land marks that could ensure me of that I wasn’t lost.

When “Required Malfunction” started to play I got all teary by overwhelming emotions. I still couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that I was going to hear these tunes live. This voice. That I was going to see them in the same hall, breathe the same air.

the GazettE - Ruki, Reita, Uruha, Aoi and Kai

the GazettE – Ruki, Reita, Uruha, Aoi and Kai

Finally at the entrance of NHK area I noticed a big truck outside.

 The GazettE truck.

The GazettE truck.

The GazettE was all over it and I died a little. Other fans photographed themselves next to the truck.

Just this stupid sight – of a truck with the GazettE pictures – seemed unreal to me.

But this meant that I was close to the arena and that I was closer than ever to get my ticket.

I entered the gates and continued to all these buildings. There were people everywhere waiting. Probably fans. A lot of them were remarkably dressed up for this event and their styling must have been taking hours of hard works.

Incredible hairstyles in the most fantastic colors. Incredible makeup and clothes…

I got confused when I saw Ruki, Reita and Uruha popping up here and there. But it wasn’t them of course. It was cosplayers, dressed up and styled as them. They had done a fantastic job and were so so beautiful.

GazettE cosplayers. Not my pictures and not from this event.

GazettE cosplayers. Not my pictures and not from this event.

I wasn’t sure of where to get my ticket so I asked one of the guards. He couldn’t speak or understand English but pointed at the merchandise hall, so I went there and asked the staff. It turned out that one of them could speak English and she took care of my booking.

Finally. FINALLY, I had the ticket in my hand. My first ticket to a Japanese concert. My first ticket to a The GazettE concert. My hands were shaking even more and I just waited for a harsh wind to grab it from me and throw it away among the treetops where I could never find it.

I don’t think I’ve ever been holding onto something as desperately as I did with this ticket… ^_-

Shaking hands hold my GazettE-ticket.

Shaking hands hold my GazettE-ticket.

With the ticket I got this note.



I believe we should have these rules at Swedish concerts as well… but then I guess there would almost not be any audience at all… 😉

Well, since I already had entered the merchandize hall, I decided to do all my purchases at this point. These areas usually get quite crowded after concerts.

I picked a photo book for this tour including albums with artistic photos of each member in the GazettE, a pink and white mobile shell with the words: Black moral, a poster and the tour t-shirt.



 The biggest shirt in the world...?

The biggest shirt in the world…?

This is probably the biggest t-shirt I have ever seen. I asked for another size but apparently it was “one sized” shirts.

It looked like people who chose to wear it directly were running around in nightgowns. ^^

I walked out from the building and took a seat on the wall that surrounded the area. The doors wouldn’t open for about an hour and I had plenty of time to just chill down and take a look at other people.

So many of them looked like stars themselves. It was a delight to see. But everybody didn’t look like super jrockers from head to toe or was cosplaying. There were a lot of ordinary people as well. Mostly young people though.

When the doors finally opened we were all lined up and I found it amazing that there was so little pushing. There was actually space between us all, even though the line was two meter wide and we were 4000 fans.

Remarkable. This must be an indication of Japanese respect.

While stepping in, we were handed even more advertisement. To me it was treasures. ^^

Jrock Advertisement

Jrock Advertisement

I did my best to interpret the characters of my ticket and find my seat in the hall. The hall wasn’t as big as I first thought; it only gave room for 4000 people. I don’t know exactly how the booking of seats works at Japanese concerts, but I think they are all drawn somehow. At first I thought that I had made a bad draw, since my seat was at the very back of the top floor. But later I would realize how amazing it was, being able to watch the band AND the entire audience at the same time. I will explain this later.

I felt secured though, since I had brought small and handy binoculars with me. It was Jessica Ö who gave me that tip at home, and while watching the stage through these lenses, I could see every detail perfectly. I would get great close-ups of all members if I wanted to. And even though I was standing in the back of the row, I wasn’t that far away from the stage. After all, there were three floors. I’ve been too much bigger concerts with at least 10 000 people in the audience.

My view

My view

This is how far away I was. Without binocular, I couldn’t not see their faces, but I could easily see what they were doing on stage.

The pictures of the band in this post are not taken by me, since photographing was strongly prohibited during the concert.

When the intro music started and the hall went black, my heart was pounding like crazy. People started to scream. We didn’t have to wait long before the GazetteE entered the stage and I remembered that I gasped some very bad words… well, they were an expression for how overwhelming it all was.

Amazing show.

Amazing show.

The rest of the concert had become a little bit of a blur since I was so much INTO it. I dropped all my analyzing and thinking and just acted and enjoyed to the fullest. Afterwards I have been able to recall some stuff, but not everything.

On the wall behind them there were beautiful films and scenery especially made for this tour. The GazettE is definitely artists in many aspects.

They started with three very rough songs and the entire audience rocked like I’ve never seen an audience do before.

Not a single one sat down or stood still!

From another gazette concert.

From another gazette concert.

Everybody – and I mean EVERYBODY – danced and rocked synchronously. It was absolutely incredible to see and I was so amazed. It was like we all shared the same mind and knew exactly what to do next.

I think I was able to follow the choreography thanks to all my GazettE-live-DVD-watching. ^^ For the rest, it was like they’ve been born to do this, like it was as natural as walking and talking.

During fast parts of the songs, we all leaned forward close to seat in front of us, grabbed it and shook our heads like crazy – but still to the rhythm. My guess is that we all leaned forward as much as we did because:

1. The more you lean forward, the more respect and admiration you show the band? Like bowing.

2. The more you lean forward, the less chance that you hit someone’s face with your hair – in case they don’t head-bang themselves.

This is just guesses of mine.

From another gazette concert.

From another gazette concert.

During heavy parts with distinct rhythm, we did what I enjoyed the most. We all grabbed the chair in front of us and made slow but steady head-bangs, from standing up right to leaning forward 90 degrees.

Doing this all together – and with the band – was such a great feeling.

The music grew stronger and filled our bodies. When I think about it afterwards like this, it’s like I’ve been tripping on some wonderful drug. Like making love to the music, feeling the heat from everyone else, the rhythm is in your veins, pounding, you feel the united expression for the music, like we were all one worshiping being, feeling the hair swaying back and forth in harmony with everyone else.

It was… magical.

From another gazette concert.

From another gazette concert.

Sometimes I fell out of the “global consciousness”… like when the rough songs ended and I automatically started to clap my hands. I soon learned though, that at Japanese metal concerts (at least concerning the GazettE):

1. After heavy and rough songs, you do NOT clap your hands. But you shout and scream and cheer.

2. After slow songs you do NOT shout and scream and sheer. You only clap your hands.

I learned to follow these rules pretty quick. ;-p

They started with three very rough songs and I think the audience got pretty relieved when they followed up with three slow songs. We were all already soaking in sweat and exhausted. But our spirits were high.

I noticed that a lot of people had DIVISION towels to dry off the sweat and I got very disappointed that I had missed that good at the merchandise table. It would have been very handy right now.

Ruki on stage.

Ruki on stage.

Most of the songs they played were new pieces from the DIVISION album.

I was in seventh heaven when they played my absolute favorite “REQUIRED MALFUNCTION” and favorites like “HEDERO”, IBITSU” and “DERANGEMENT”.

They were all wearing pretty dark clothes. Uruha did NOT wear stay ups. 😦

Ruki had this beautiful costume in dark blue velvet.

I noted that:

1. During rough and fast songs you rock like a Duracell rabbit on speed.

2. During slow songs, you stand still and do nothing (maybe you stretch out your arms).

During slow songs I sometimes took the opportunity to inspect the band through my binoculars and I got shivers when I realized how good I could see them. They were all so beautiful. I must confess that I mostly looked at Ruki…



I can’t remember last time I got this high at a concert. During the rough songs, we all rocked so hard and so fantastic synchronized with each other.

That’s a reason why I felt happy to have a seat in the back, ‘cause I could see all this. When people made the slow version of head bangs, it created a wave of hair in the entire hall. It must have been amazing to see from the bands view as well.

In other words, it was not only the band itself that granted me this wonderful experience – it was the audience as well. A Swedish – or European – audience would never act like this. It was all crazy and wild, but still organized. No one tried to elbow themselves closer to the stage, no one pushed or bumped into another – and if it happened by mistake, it was given to apologize. We all stood perfectly at our seats and used our personal space for the dance.

Except head-banging there was a set of different movements that we used during the concert.

Ruki and Uruha

Ruki and Uruha

You could tell by the sound of a specific part of a song, which choreography to chose – so we all did the same thing.

It’s a little bit hard to explain movements like this, but a lot of them are used by Ruki himself sometimes, on stage. Like stretching forward your arm and pretend to grab something – or the opposite – pretend to set something loose, like sprinkle something into the air.

During fast “happy” parts, we jumped and grasped the air with our hands, like cats (according to me ^^). Left hand up and right hand down, right hand up and left hand down. Sometimes we put the arms close to the body and then stretched them out to one side. Pulled them back in, and stretched them into the other direction.

Ruki gives it all.

Ruki gives it all.

I believe it was during “HEDERO” that everybody suddenly did these movements but at the very same time began to jump to the side. This actually made me a bit confused and this was actually a part when we all had to bump into each other.

I laughed all the time, ‘cause it was crazy to see an entire hall of 4000 people skipping to the sides like bunnies on crack. I wondered how everybody – except me – knew this was about to happen. ^_-

Except DIVISION songs, I got to hear some of my absolute favorites among the golden oldies…

I can’t explain how euphoric I got when I heard the intro to “Akai One Piece”. I love that song, and actually, when I listen to it on my iPod, I usually chose to hear the LIVE-version. It’s so much greater to hear live than from a studio.

Wow, Uruha started it with his wonderful riffs. We all got crazy.

Take a look at this earlier Akai One Piece-performance. It’s quite hard to resist dancing, am I right? 😀


Some of my favorite movements is integrated to this song. This was actually something I’ve been dreaming of to do… Like the “hand-circles” (3:18) and the “arm-crossing ala Ruki” (4:08) *lol* This is my own names for it. I don’t know what others call them. ^^

Reita must have some killer ears ’cause he sure know how to keep balance even though he swirls and swirls and swirls so many times on stage that I get all dizzy and wonder “How the Heck is he able to swirl that mush without falling?”

Well, that’s a mystery.

Ruki head-banged a lot and Aoi and Uruha made dramatic gestures while playing.

Other “golden oldies” (well at least songs not from DIVISION) I got to hear was “Cockroach”, “Suicide Circus” and “Psychopath”.



When it was time for encore, everybody in the audience clapped and shouted “Encore!” this was not a lazy audience – everybody kept calling the band back even though we had to do it for a pretty long time.

Finally the band reentered the stage – this time wearing their tour t-shirt.

First Kai and Reita came in. Kai made us shout and Reita made his famous solo part on the bass. We all screamed and jumped on his command until we got all sweaty again.



Then they got accompanied by Aoi and Uruha who impressed us with their guitar skills and made us shout even more.

Shortly after, Ruki skipped in. He is so tiny so the big shirt looked like a dress on him. It suited him perfectly. Over it, he had a long black shirt with a piece of red and black patterned fabric in the edge.

This time they lightened the entire arena so the band could see us as clear as we saw them. That was a wonderful feeling. They looked at us, with their flat hands shielding their eyes.

Ruki talked more to the audience, and gosh, I wish I could understand Japanese. I did notice though, that he joked a lot – and the audience laughed.

During the first encore, they played “DISCHARGED” – and believe me… THIS ONE IS CRAZY LIVE!!! There was almost no time for rest, we just worked it so hard and head banged fast and furious like our lives were on stake.

The band rocked with us and I kind of lost track of time here. I just remember that I was physically tired but my spirit filled with explosive energy and it was like rocking in heaven.

Discharge totally worn us out. In the end, we all gasped for air and I couldn’t feel anything in my arms. Our heads were dizzy by all head-banging and I believe we all smiled like morons.

Listen to this masterpiece: DISCHARGE!


This one MUST be experience LIVE!
And if it doesn’t kill you… it makes you stronger. ^_-

The last song they played during encore one, and which made me really glad, was “BEST FRIENDS”. It such a joyful song and it always makes me so happy to hear. I realized that this all soon would be over and I got tears in my eyes.

The band thanked us and left stage again. Time for another encore, so the audience kept clapping and shouting. This time we had to wait pretty long before the band reentered.

This time there was a long sequence of drums and shouting. It was like they wanted to do a final rock session with us – totally worn us out. And so they did.



The band thanks us another time and left the stage. We tried to get a third encore, but this time it was over for real.

We packed our belongings, and left the hall. I was a bit overwhelmed – of course – and kind of stumbled out. I watched the huge queue next to the merchandize booth and was glad I made my purchases earlier.

At the bottom floor we saw loads of beautiful flowers. I believe this might have been gifts to the band from different companies and artists.

Flower gifts to the GazettE

Flower gifts to the GazettE

See, flowers from SUGIZO! ^^

See, flowers from SUGIZO! ^^

Walking home was a bit odd and I don’t remember it at all. But obviously I did reach my hotel. (And note, I hadn’t been drinking at all this evening.)

This is something I never will forget. I thought I would feel relief… That I couldn’t die now without any remorse. I’ve seen GazettE!

But it actually turned to the opposite. Now I feel that I must see them again before I die. I MUST!

So my current plans is to get back to Japan at “Groan of Diplosomia 2”. I really hope I’ll be able to.

GazettE’s performance was full of metal, energy and love. And something else that amazed me was the audience! I’ve never experienced an audience like this. If all Japanese jrock gigs is like this, then I want all my concerts to be located in Japan. I’ve never been to such an interactive concert as this one.

Everybody danced like crazy – perfectly synchronized – and I mean EVERYBODY! I didn’t see a single lazy fan!!!

I cheered, danced and head-banged more than I’ve ever done at a concert. My chest and ribs hurt so much but I was in such ecstasy that I didn’t care.

My devil on the bed.

My devil on the bed.


Whatever happens – this night will always have a very much special place in my heart.

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  1. I’m so jealous! You were able to see The Gazette when you were in Japan! I planned my trip hoping and praying to God that they would have a show when I was there, but they had their show in September! I was so upset! However, when I went to one of the stores in Shinjuku I saw Vistlip’s costumes for one of their PVs on display and I also saw Ayabie walking around for their meet and great! My dream has been to see the Gazette LIVE and this year, the closest venue they are coming to is in Mexico City and I can’t go! I think I’m even more upset than I was when I went to Japan about picking the wrong time to go! You are so lucky!!!!

    • I believe I’m lucky too. I went to Japan at that time of the year to see GazettE which has been a dream of mine for long. Don’t worry – you will see them. 🙂 save money for a new Japan trip and make sure GazettE have a tour at the same time as you visit the country. ❤

  2. I can honestly say I’m so jealous to you! That is one reason I love Japan so much, people are polite as well as they can be really wild without violence. It’s a gift, I think. I don’t like to live in Europe where people are rude to each others :\ It makes me feel really sad. I’m going to see Gazette in Helsinki & I think we can never accomplish that kind of ‘peace’ in the audience. God, Japan is so awesome country!

  3. Wooow! Very Lucky! Let me ask you a question? When you bought the ticket pro concert? When you arrived in japan? ‘s showtime? the day? or rather online? and not depleted quickly the tickets? – I want to see their show is the day I walk there in Japan, but do not know how to buy tickets!

    Thanks !

    • At that time, europeans couldn’t be a member of Heresy, but I went through PS Company, and when I noticed they would hold a concert that was opened for oversea fans, I bought a ticket via PS Company’s website. It was a lot of trouble though due to a lot of things and I had to get help by a japanese friend of mine.

      I don’t know how it works nowadays thought, when anyone can be a heresymembers, but I think you have to be that to be able to buy ticket to a show in Japan.

      • Thank you very much for answering me! \õõõõõõõoõõõõõõ/

        I’ll get into Heresy next year! I’ll see if I can buy him! Otherwise, I’ll risk going even in japan, and try to buy there!
        Thank you again! 😀

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