Dirty Lix concert @ Rencon in Leksand

I’ve been waiting for this concert for a long time so of course I was excited!

Photographing during the concert was forbidden so none of the pictures below are mine and not even from Rencon, but Lix wore exactly the same clothes and had the style.

Chihiro and Yuu in lix

Chihiro and Yuu in lix

Well, the photo with me chilling with the guys is mine of course…

When I just had arrived to Tegera Arena I met Jessica Öjermalm who is president of Nyanko Scandal Factory that had booked the band. It’s amazing that they had comed all the way here just to play for us.

She was guiding Chihiro through the halls, the vocalist in Lix, so I did pretty early get a chance to shake his hand and greet him. When he smiled, I noticed that he had two fangs. Apparently they are “real” in that sense that he have put them there through surgery… Ooops, I mean, they are real – REAL real – ’cause he’s a real vampire. *sorry Chihiro* ^^

Since I’ve been offered to work with Jessica for Nyanko Scandal Factory I also was allowed to attend at their soundcheck – which was pretty cool!

I sat alone in a sofa and enjoyed every second. After I’ve been listening to some songs, I realised that this gig was going to be awesome. Chihiro has a strong voice – suitable for soft singing as well as for growling. Yuu played that guitar like they had been stuck together since birth. He skipped between the stage and the middle of the hall like a little bunny with big fluffy hair to check the sound. He was very tiny, even with high heel boots. So cute! 🙂



When the real concert finally started, I ended up at the third row. It’s OK for me, since I’m usually a bit taller than the other girls on jrock-concerts and I always feel a little bit bad when I’m blocking the view for someone else. I had a good view from there.

Most of the songs was from their latest album SICKS pain. I loved them all. Lix has definitely become a favorite of mine. There was soft, beautiful melodies and raw, aggressive metal.

Chihirio entered the stage with some funny-looking goggle-like glasses with small lamps. Both Chihiro and Yuu gave it all and the energy was high. I shouted, sang and cheered, totally in ecstasy.

When it was time for “DEVIL’S HEAVEN”, a slightly more kinky Chihiro performed dressed up in sexy officer-hat, gasmask, rivet glasses and a red whip.

Yuu and Chihiro.

Yuu and Chihiro.

He put the whip in his mouth and pulled it along his fangs, licked his mouth temptable and touched himself erotically. Now and then he lay down on the stage and I thought he was going to do some serious masturbating *lol*. He also made me think of Kyo in Dir En Grey when he pulled up his shirt and intensely started to claw his skin. I was close enough to see that he got pretty nasty scratches over his body. Me likey!

Yuu wasn’t as prominent as Chihiro, but very much impressive to look at due to his guitar playing. He sang now and then and jumped around on the stage with his beautiful long hair tossing.

When Chihiro stretched out his arm towards my direction, I reached for him, but wasn’t prepared for the fact that he really grabbed me and pulled me so hard forward that I bumped into the crush barrier.

*Oh la la*

So suddenly I stood in the first row. I took advantage of my situation and couldn’t help myself from doing some grabbing back… 😉 *fangirl*

I noted though that a cute little maid couldn’t see behind me and stepped backwards to second row. Couldn’t stop myself from reaching after Yuu as well when he came closer. Even he grabbed my arm and pulled me forward quite powerful. How can such a small guy be that strong?

A passionate Yuu! ♥

A passionate Yuu! ♥

What I enjoyed the most though was Chihiro’s vampire actions… He bites the fans! ^^

I stood in the second row and thought I was safe – I mean, I had a high collar on my shirt – but Chihiro repeated “Can I bite you?”, leant forward, grabbed my neck, pulled down the collar and bit me with his fangs quite aggressively. I could feel how sharp they were!

*Oh la la again!*

Quite a sexy show. I enjoyed every minute of it. Their show was amazing and I hope they will return to Sweden. This was their very first visit in our country, so thank you Nyanko Scandal Factory! ^^

After the concert there was signing session. I bought their CDs and a t-shirt, and got two photos of Chihiro and Yuu for free. I got them signed by the guys. While standing in front of them I tried to explain how much I loved their show but I’m not sure if they understood a word of what I was saying… ^^

My signed photos.

My signed photos.

After the signing-session I got the opportunity to get photographed with the guys (Thank you Jessica! ^^). Chihiro wanted to shake hands afterwards but I gave them both a warm hug instead, very happy.

Chihiro, me and Yuu.

Chihiro, me and Yuu.

In contrast to many other rock stars, Lix was very down to earth and spended time with their fans afterwards. I got the possibility to dance with Chihiro together with Jessica.

I’ m getting old though, and got pretty tired after a while and headed back to my hostel, very pleased with the nights experience.

I really hope that Lix enjoyed their time here in Sweden. And I got very happy when I noticed that Yuu “liked” this photo of us that I put on Facebook. ^^

Awesome, I say.


Here’s a video from their gig in Canada!

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