Inoran (LUNA SEA) @ KGB

Today was the day!

Inoran, guitarist from LUNA SEA was going to perform at KGB. He’s doing a solo tour right now called “Seven samurais”.

I’ve been soooo excited!

Inoran is adorable, isn't he?

Inoran is adorable, isn’t he?

For those who doesn’t know, Luna Sea is a really… really… REALLY… famous and great band in Japan. They’ve been active for a very long time, since the birth of Visual Kei. For me, Luna Sea and X Japan has somehow been the forefathers of the Visual Kei genre.

Anyway, I arrived to KGB quite early and noticed some Japanese people sitting at the terrace. It was raining cats and dogs, so I ran inside, but couldn’t help wondering if that actually could be some people from Inoran’s crew. That it actually could be THE BAND never crossed my mind at that moment.

Inside I met Minna, Tim and Oskar, and I started to feel nervous. What if that actually was Inoran out there? I just had to find out!

So I went out for a smoke and tried to be a little bit discrete. ^_- The guy that I suspected could be Inoran was sitting with his back towards me, so I couldn’t really see.

This is an old picture of Inoran and Luna Sea. As you can see, they were much more "visual" back then.

This is an old picture of Inoran and Luna Sea. As you can see, they were much more “visual” back then.

But when I glanced at their direction, I noticed that one of the guys (U:zo) was flirting with me. (!!!)

So before I went in again, I decided to be brave and went to U:zo and asked in Japanese if they understood English. They did. So I asked if they were Inoran’s crew, and U:zo pointed at Inoran and said: “That’s Inoran there!”

Shit, heart beating so fast. Behave, girl!

So I took the chance to greet Inoran and express my gratitude and excitement for his show. One of his band members took this picture for me, so I could make this moment eternal:

Me and Inoran!!!! ♥♥♥

Me and Inoran!!!! ♥♥♥

This was soooo cool! If I would have been less ecstatic, I would have asked for pictures of the others as well, but I guess I had enough pretending to be cool, relaxed and a-not-annoying-groupie for that.

I chatted a bit with them about the sucky weather and ended with a hearty “Gambatte!” (which means “Do your best!”). Inoran smiled and thanked me.

Before I left, U:zo told me that he liked my hair, especially the color. I smiled (probably like a little child on X-mas Eve) and thanked him dearly.

U:zo is also the bass-player in Yellow Fried Chickenz.

U:zo is also the bass-player in Yellow Fried Chickenz.

I went in again to my friends and reality hit me. (Ok, this is fan-girl stuff.) My legs couldn’t carry me anymore, I just fell down on my knees and the rest of that hour is a bit blurry for me. But I remember that I was higher than the stars and were shaking like a leaf, just couldn’t stop smiling.

U:zo out there is also the bass-player in Yellow Fried Chickenz, the band that Gackt temporarily created. I saw them perform in Stockholm in August last year. For those who doesn’t know about Gackt, first of all – shame on you! He’s like the greatest. The ultimate super Japanese!

This is my blog post about the YMC gig: Gackt & Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour Stockholm Arena

Yellow Fried Chickenz

Yellow Fried Chickenz

The place started to get more and more crowded as it got late. I met a lot of funny people to talk to! Some of them I’ve briefly met – or just seen – before at various Japan-related events.

Later, I also co accompanied by Jessica K.

The show started and I stood in the cellar in front of the “scene”. It was very small and crowded and got really really hot.

The following is a picture taken by Inoran’s crew. You can see me in the bottom left corner. It must have been in the very beginning of the gig, since I pretty early “squeezed” myself closer to the stage.

This photo is a picture taken by Inoran's crew

This photo is a picture taken by Inoran’s crew

The show was AWESOME! Such wonderful energy! And I just love watching men making love with their guitars. *uuh*

Inoran has a nice voice and his sound is very different from Luna Sea. I like it!

Here you can see a performance by Luna Sea. Note the big arena and great audience! Inoran is the guitarist with white shirt – so so so hot. They are performing their hit “Tonight”.


After watching this, you realize that Inoran is used to very big arenas… I wonder what he thought about tiny KGB… I hope he found it intimate and cozy, just like us…

Inoran closed the show by performing with the Luna Sea hit “Tonight”.

After the show, me, Jessica and a new friend – Yau – waited for Inoran to show up and mingle. We were the first one to grab them on their way out to the bar.

I expressed my love for their show and asked for their autographs.

Yukio (the other guitarist) laughed when I tried to say Thank You in Japanese in different ways (I wanted to some variation but is not sure if it’s actually a good thing to do. ^^) He shouted “Domo! Domo!” after me.

U:zo was quite sweaty and said that they was extremely tired. I could see that! I said: “And this is your very first show this tour, right?” and he smiled, said “Yeah!” and nodded.

The autographs! From the top:Yukio, Inoran & U:zo

The autographs! From the top:Yukio, Inoran & U:zo

Among all people I met this evening, I talked some to Kaz, Endigo and Andie from the band Overworld. I’ve listen to them quite much lately and must say that they are a very promising band! Give them a try! Overworld on Spotify

Endigo and Andie must have been great guides for Inoran and his band. See how much fun U:zo had here in Stockholm. ^^

U:zo found another lion. ^_-

U:zo found another lion. ^_-

Do Japaneses usually hump traffic-lights in Japan?

Do Japaneses usually hump traffic-lights in Japan?

I was very pleased with my experience for the night and was ready to head home. When I stepped out from KGB I recognized a voice and noticed that Seike (the singer of Seremedy) was standing outside in the rain. ^^

Seike, the vocalist in Seremedy

Seike, the vocalist in Seremedy

That gave me the opportunity to express my admiration for their gig that I attended to quite recently. I was supposed to join them on the after party at his house back then, but even though I’m the “coolest hag in town”, I’m old I get tired sometimes… ^^ So I was glad I got this opportunity now instead.

This was overall a perfect fan-girl evening! ^^


Debut: May 6th 1989
Originally known as: LUNACY
Discovered by: Hideto –hide– Matsumoto (X JAPAN)
Got signed by: Yoshiki’s (X JAPAN) independent label “Extasy Records.
Filled Tokyo Dome: 1996
Disbanded: December 28th 2000
Announced comeback: August 31st 2010

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Vocal: Ryuichi
(Ryuichi Kawamura)
(河村 隆一)
Vocal: Ryuichi (Ryuichi Kawamura) (河村 隆一)
template-cakeMay 20th 1970
template_twittertemplate webpage homepage
Guitar: Sugizo
(Yasuhiro Sugihara)
(杉原 康弘)
Guitar: Inoran (Kiyonobu Inoue) (井上 清信  (LUNA SEA)
template-cakeJuly 8th 1969
Guitar: Inoran
(Kiyonobu Inoue)
(井上 清信)
Guitar: Sugizo (Yasuhiro Sugihara) (杉原 康弘) (LUNA SEA)
template-cakeSep 29th 1970
Bass: J
(Jun Onose)
(小野瀬 潤)
Bass: J (Jun Onose) (小野瀬 潤)  (LUNA SEA)
template-cakeAug 12th 1970
template_twittertemplate_facebooktemplate webpage homepage
Drums: Shinya
(Shinya Yamada)
(山田 真矢)
Drums: Shinya (Shinya Yamada) (山田 真矢) (LUNA SEA)
template-cakeJan 13th 1970

Member History

Former members:

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