Okinawa Kitty

Monday 13th must be my lucky day. So many exciting things have happened.

When I arrived home, I found this surprise in my mail:

A gift from Japan!!


どうも ありがとう ございます Toyooka-san!!! ^^

It’s soooo cute, I love it. ♥ ♥ ♥

Okinawa Kitty

Okinawa Kitty

It is called an Okinawa Kitty and it’s a local limited one. They have local limited Hello Kitty’s in different prefectures in Japan (there’s 47 of them) and something special about that prefecture is shown with the Kitty.

When I met Toyooka-san here in Stockholm, he gave me a Shizuoka-Kitty who drank green tea on the Fuji mountain for example. ^^ Shizuoka is known for its green tea and the Fuji mountain.

Toyooka-san explained to me that this Kitty looks a bit like a Shiisa, a Okinawan mythological creature that is a cross between a lion and a dog. Shiisas are wards, believed to protect from evils.

Can’t explain how grateful and happy I am that someone thinks of me and gives me something special like this. Thank you!

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