Seremedy release gig @ Fryshuset

The bandmembers of Seremedy.

The bandmembers of Seremedy.

Today Seremedy had release gig since they’ve released their very first album: “Welcome to our madness”.

Seremedy’s first PV “No Escape”.


Me with my ticket in hand.

Me with my ticket in hand.

First time I used this skirt that actually is made by a really nice fabric, but you can’t see the details on this photo…

I went to Klubben, Fryshuset where I met Jessica Ö.

Cool girls, hah? ^^ Jessicas look was awesome!

Cool girls, hah? ^^ Jessicas look was awesome!

I also met sweet Mae that I haven't seen since a HITT show at Lakeside. She's so cute.

I also met sweet Mae that I haven’t seen since a HITT show at Lakeside. She’s so cute.

I believe the gig was really good. I haven’t seen them live before so I was positively surprised. Mostly I’m more into Japanese bands, but Seremedy is pretty unique, being a Swedish visual kei band, and I believe they deserve all support.

The set-list was long and they treated us with a lot of show.

The set-list:

Welcome to our MADNESS -Intro-
SIREN (Falling Down)
Introducing Song
Frantic Elegance
Without Wings
Angel’s Waltz


Yellow flash, dancing light
Always By Your Side

(Encore 2)

Déjà vu
Bulletproof Roulette

SEIKE was very charismatic and charming on stage. He really seemed to have fun, which I believe triggered the audience in a very positive way. He seems to be a fun fellow. I don’t know how many we were in the audience, but it was a lot of people there.


An oldie, but my favourite song by Seremedy.

The band members performed professionally, danced and head-banged. YOHIO made some very impressive guitar solos, and even sang one song solo. He has a really nice voice.


YOHIO plays guitar solo.

I believe SEIKE’s voice is very good live too, but I wish they could have turned up the volume on his mike sometimes when it was hard to hear him.

YOHIO sings solo.


A weird thing this evening, was that strangers approached me and wanted to take pictures. I posed and smiled as usual, but I always wonder – why do they want a picture of me…? The same thing happened at Rencon, Desucon and Närcon and I’m not even cosplaying. Funny. What wasn’t that funny, was one guy who kind of stalked me and secretly took pictures (but not secretly enough since I noticed that. Very very weird.)

Note after this date: People I don’t know have contacted me on Facebook, said that they’ e seen me at the concert and that they liked my outfit. That’s probably the reason. Makes me very happy! 🙂

It was overall a very pleasant evening. The only thing that annoyed me was that “Klubben” didn’t allowed us to bring water with us, and the water inside cost money. It was hot as hell in the arena so no wonder some girls sat outside feeling sick. Maybe they didn’t have any cash for water. 😦

After the concert there was signing session and Q&A. While standing in the line for signing, a staff member of Seremedy gave me their set-list. Quite mauled. ^^ I wonder what had happened to it. The two Asian girls lining in front of me and Jessica had traveled all the way from Japan to see Seremedy. Awesome! ^^

The setlist.

The setlist.

So we all (a lot of people) got the opportunity to say hello to the band and get their autographs.

Signed album.

Signed album.

I was invited to the bands after party via Jessica Ö, and while waiting on the band to get their stuff into the tour bus we hanged out with some members from the band Overworld which seemed to be a fun bunch of people.

Unfortunately I never went to the party in the end. It took such long time to get things ready and I was dead tired. I had pain from my recent injury and didn’t feel so well by other reasons as well, so I decided to go home and get some very much needed sleep.
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