A(ace) gig at Närcon, Linköping

I was so excited for this concert and it was – in one word – AWESOME!

The core band-members is Nimo (vocals), Rookie Fiddler (violin & flute) and Toshi (bass). They also had two support members Shunji (drums) and Kentaro (guitar).

They opened up with “Night of the Knights” and the audience got lyrical. We were quite many in the crowd, since the convent is such a big one. I don’t know how many that actually knew about the band before though.

We were allowed to take photos and film during this concert, so here’s my video of that performance:

Other song favorites of mine that they played was “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” (The Neon Genisis Evangelion theme), “MASQUERADE”, “Sakura” and “Shangri La” etc.

Toshi looked really serious and sexy most of the time.

Toshi looked really serious and sexy most of the time.



Nimo and Rookie Fiddler

Nimo and Rookie Fiddler

Nimo smiled a lot and was very charming. Sometimes his facial expressions reminded me of Hyde (L’arc~en~ciel). He wore a pirate-hat, since Ace was – according to him – pirates from Japan. ^^

But most adorable was Rookie Fiddler who’s smile was to die for. So cute! And I loved his outfit (especially the stay-ups – I looooove androgynous-looking men with stay-ups. ^^) He jumped and danced and played the violin like a possessed angle. It makes A(ace) pretty special as a visual kei band – that they in fact have a permanent violinist. Rookie Fiddler also plays the flute.

It was such an enjoyable show and I was in seventh heaven. I couldn’t see Shunju or Kentaro that much though, probably since they’re only support members.

This is another one of my videos. For anime-fans, this is their cover of “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” (残酷な天使のテーゼ) from Neon Genisis Evangelion! ♥

You just can’t help falling in love with Rookie Fiddler and his smile, violin-skills and stay-ups (my weakness… 😉


Rookie Fiddler played his violin so hard that his bow broke in the end and strands from the hair was hanging from it. But he kept playing anyway!!! I wonder how many violins he consumes during a tour…

After the concert I went forward to Natsu and her friend who were both as lyrical as me, and her friend had managed to get some hair strains from Rookie Fiddler’s bow. Lucky girl.

These guys absolutely amazed me, and surprised me. I would LOVE to see them again!

Thanks Nyanko Scandal Factory for bringing A(ace) to us!
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