Anli Pollicino’s gig in Oslo

Finally! I’ve been longing for this soooo much.

Even though I got worried by delayed planes and cancelled trains, I managed to get there in time and I think I got a pretty good view in the third row from the stage. I was pleased anyway.

There was only one flag in the audience and that was a Swedish flag.

That was my flag. ^^

I really hope that the band saw it and understood that “Hm… maybe we should visit SWEDEN next time…” ^^

This was their first concert of their European tour this year. Anli Pollicino is a Japanese band (duuh) consisting of:

Vocals: Shindy
Guitar: Takuma
Guitar & vocals: Yo-1
Bass: Masatoshi
Drums: Kiyozumi

The concert was absolutely wonderful. How can a person experience so many magical nights during one lifetime..? I thank my retarded brain for that. ;-p

Vocals: Shindy

Vocals: Shindy

They all looked so perfect and Shindy is extremely beautiful. He looks like a tiny girly doll with his long blond locks. It was actually a little bit interesting haircut, ’cause – according to what I could see – it was only long in front on the sides. In the back, the hair only reached his neck. It almost looked like he had put in some extensions but couldn’t afford the back of his head. ^^

Yo-1 is what I would call a “spelevink” in Swedish. Not sure of the word in English… Jester maybe? ^^ He seem to really like attention, he smiled and interacted a lot with the audience.

Guitar and vocals: Yo-1

Guitar and vocals: Yo-1

Masatoshi looked a little bit funny I think, like a little bit goofy with his shoulders tight up, long skinny arms and crazy facial expressions.

Bass: Masatoshi

Bass: Masatoshi

Takuma points out his tounge towards us, obviously pleased with that amazing guitar solo he just did.

I couldn’t see Kiyozumi that much since the drummer always is positioned in the back, but everytime I saw him he had this big smile like jrock drummers usually have. It looked like he had the time of his life. ^^

They played a lot of my favourite songs, but I missed Monochrome and Rondo, and some must have been new to me.

The setlist (as far as I remember):

1. Labyrinth
2. L’étoile Filante
3. Game of Love
4. Taste me
5. Malignant Narcissism
6. Peaceful Sleep
7. Snow Venus
8. You Spin Me Round (cover)
9. Sungeki Raspberry
10. Street Smarts
11. Slum Jump
12. Slave Machine
13. ?


14. Norwegian Salmon (song for the norwegian fans)
15. Devilish Eye
16. ?

Before Game of Love, Shindy showed us how to do the choreography to that song. You know, that one when you first pick something in the air, then swash it away, clap your hands, hugs yourself and finally form your hands to a beating heart. I really hoped that we would do that one so I got euphoric.

They all tried to speak norwegian, and even though I’m a swede (duuuh) I understood mostly of what they were saying, so their pronunciation must have been explicit. Kiyozumi said he liked Hentai manga… lol.

Takuma reminded me somehow of Satsuki a bit. His appearance at least. Very pretty.

Guitar: Takuma

Guitar: Takuma

They also tought us some japanese… Or rather made us repeat what they were saying. I believe most of us didn’t understand everything… ^^ But I think they called us geeks! (Otakus)

In the end after the encore, they entered the stage with their tour T-shirts on. They played a song that they called “Norwegian Salmon”, which they apparently composed on request by the norweigan fans at the Q&A that was held the day before.

What was so funny was that Shindy and Kiyozumi switched place. Shindy took a seat behind the drums and Kiyozumi sang. Wow, who knew that Shindy was so good at playing drums? And he looked like a child on christmas morning with the biggest smile ever. It kind of surprised me since he mostly had a quite serious face during the rest of the concert. I wouldn’t say that Kiyozumi is the best of singers though… but it was absolutely amusing. ^^

Drums: Kiyozumi

Drums: Kiyozumi

When I realised that the concert was about to end, I sneaked back in the hall to get closer to the exit. You never know how much time the band has afterwards and I wanted to make sure that I would be among the first to the merchandise selling and signing session.

And so I was. 🙂 I’m such a sneaky little bastard.

I had a lot of norwegian money to spend so I bought a CD (Fahrenheit 31), a tour-top, a poster and a photo-set.

I was nervous during the signing session. I tend to be that, expecting myself to trip over the tables, spill water on them or something like that. But it all went OK and I got the opportunity to greet them and get their autographs AND a photo of them each (I asked for permission for each and every one ^^).

My photos on the members from the signing session.

My photos on the members from the signing session.

Shindy looks really cute on this picture, holding the pen against the tip of his nose. He's really as beautiful close up as far away.

Shindy looks really cute on this picture, holding the pen against the tip of his nose. He’s really as beautiful close up as far away.

My signed photos.

My signed photos.

My signed photo-set of Anli Pollicino. ❤

When I walked back to the hostel I was in 7th heaven and I had to stop by a pub to still my nerves with a cold beer. It was raining cats and dogs but I didn’t minded, ’cause my heart was warm of amazement and love. (Oooooh, how cheeesy…. ^_-)

I really would like to see them again. I wonder why they play so many times in France. It’s many Jrock bands that do that. Why France? O_o

My Anli Pollicino top.

My Anli Pollicino top.

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