HITT show at Lakeside

Finally I got to see HITT again. This time in Lakeside, just like last time. The event was organized by Nyanko Scandal Factory!

Last time:  14 October 2011 | HITT concert in Haninge, Stockholm, Sweden

Last time he was blond, this time he had beautiful black hair. Yeah, as you might guess this will be one of my silly fangirl-posts… ^^

I arrived at Handen quite early since I had a VIP-ticket and hence were allowed to meet HITT before the concert. The hall was decorated with paper cherry blossoms, people draw manga and held japanese language cafes since it apparantly was “Japan days” this weekend. I met one of my Facebook contacts “Natsu” there and had a good talk while waiting.

While the VIP-guests waited in the hall-room, we could hear HITT’s  soundcheck behind a curtain. Among different activities, we had time to write messages to him on a big bed sheet. It would be transported to Falun and Gothenburg as well where HITT will hold gigs the upcoming days.

Our messages to HITT

Our messages to HITT

Finally it was time for us to meet HITT and get ourselves photographed with him. We were waiting in line in the stairs when Jessica, one of the responsible for this event, informed us of that the turn-taking would be decided from the time of VIP-ticket booking.

I was the first one to go! ^_¨

Maybe not that surprising since I was eager as h*ll to buy that ticket…  1 January 2012 | HITT VIP-tickets

So I just stand there at the top of the stairs, very shy and a bit shocked after all. HITT sat in the red sofa, very sexy, patted the seat and said: “Come on, baby!”.

So I approached him, took his hand and said “Konbanwa, Iona desu!” Thought we were in a hurry so I sat down next to him – very close – and then we posed while the photo was taken.

Me and HITT

Me and HITT

Afterwards he looked at me as like he expected something but I was still confused and shocked and just said “Thank you” and he said “Tack” and then I stumbled away on shaky legs. Afterwards I got angry on myself for not have giving him a hug at least. Gah.

Before HITT’s gig there was an opening act with a female artist, very charming and charismatic. Her music was good but unfortunately I don’t remember her name.

And then there was HITT.

He's an amazing entertainer.

He’s an amazing entertainer.

Since I was one of the VIP-guests I had the possibly to stand closest to the stage, but I chose to stand in the second row since I’m quite tall and feel uncomfortable knowing that I might hinder someone’s sight behind me.

HITT gave it all.

HITT gave it all.

Anyway, the stage is so small at Lakeside so I were pretty close and could even take his hand from my spot sometimes.

His performance was epic – as always. Such energy, happiness, charm, great music, great singing, funny jokes and crazy dancing. He played a lot of my favorite  songs.

HITT brought up his guitar.

HITT brought up his guitar.

I love the part when the Japanese artists tries to speak Swedish. HITT did that last time too. It sounded very funny when he was supposed to say “Vill ni vara mina flickvänner?” (Do you want to be my girlfriends?). Sounded like “Vill ni vara mina flickbänner?” Of course everybody shouted “Jaaaaaa!” (Yes). HITT established that he had a lot of girlfriends. ^_-

HITT wants many girlfriends.

HITT wants many girlfriends.

Just as last time, he interacted a lot with the audience, took them up on stage and danced with them. By some reason, a lot of the girls looked a bit uncomfortable up there, but I guess they were just nervous. And yeah, there was a boy also.

HITT told us that he had turned 30 years old and hence was old nowadays. *hmpf* That’s not old… ’cause if he’s old, then I’m old too…. And I’m not ready to embrace that thought. ^_- He also told me that he had some problems to buy cigarettes since people still thought he was a teenager.

We were allowed to take pictures without flashes, but I only had my crappy iPhone since my battery-charger to my camera exploded the other day (don’t ask me why, I’m just cursed when it comes to fires and explosions). Anyway, nice to have some memories.

Afterwards it was time for merchandise and signing. I bought some photos for HITT to sign. I took the chance to tell him that he was awesome and that he wasn’t old at all. That I actually was older, 32 (at least in a month). He looked surprised. ^_- “Really?” I didn’t have any gift to him (must remember to bring that next time) but I gave him a cigarette instead ^_-. He claimed that it was his favorite brand. I thanked him dearly while shaking his hand and bowing a bit -“Domo arigatou!” and then I went home, pretty happy.

Signed photos

Signed photos

This was an amazing night!

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