Downtown with Toyooka-san

Today, me and Toyooka-san went downtown for some shopping!

First we headed to Södermalm and the Tea center of Stockholm. It was Toyooka-san who had been informed about this place, I didn’t know about it. They seemed to be experts and the Indian man we were talking to there apparently had a doctors degree in “tea”.

Toyooka-san bought huge amounts of tea and I actually got a bit curious myself but didn’t buy anything. I don’t know much about tea and all and rarely drinks it. Probably ’cause i think it tastes a little bit bitter. I remember though that my grandmother Oma used to make very tasteful tea with lemons. Maybe I return to the tea center one day.

Then we went to a bakery ’cause I wanted to introduce “semlor” (cream puffs) to Toyooka-san. Semlor is a Scandinavian pastry that’s traditionally only eaten a short period before Easter. I think Toyooka-san liked it.

Swedish delicacy - Semla

Swedish delicacy – Semla

We decided to ship all his tea to Japan since it was too much to carry. Then we strolled through Gamla Stan and the main shopping streets downtown. At Sergels Torg (a well-known Square in Stockholm) we found big leg irons.

I knew I would be trapped one day.

I knew I would be trapped one day.

Apparently they were artwork to make people aware of how much carbon we release every day (~30 kilos). We got “chained to our own climate guilt” and the leg iron are supposed to look like carbon molecules.

We ate good food at a steak and barbeque-place close to Hötorget. They served giant dishes… I got so full. Barbeque Steakhouse & Bar.

Then we went to Åhléns and Toyooka-san bought huge amounts of candles. ^^ He also bought me a big one that smells really really good. We decided to ship all these findings as well.

I had a really nice day and I hope Toyooka-san had that as well.

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