PLUNKOCKs concert in Falun, Sweden

The main reason behind my trip to Falun was to see the Japanese band PLUNKLOCK perform. It’s a quite new band and they haven’t yet released any album. But they are really great and I hope the future will bring them fame and glory.



All the members seem to have different characters, all in a charming way.

Vocals: Halo
Guitar: Kazuki
Bass: Haruka
Drums: Pinky

Pinky is definitely the most crazy one. He seemed so happy and energetic behind his drums that he almost look a little bit insane from time to time. Sometimes he stood up, drummed with his sticks in the air and encouraged us to clap our hands and scream even more.

This photo is taken from another concert. We were not allowed to photograph during this.

This photo is taken from another concert. We were not allowed to photograph during this.

The concert was amazing and I got happily surprised. I liked their sound and energy. I just love bands that connects with the audience and smiles, showing that they are happy and have a good time – just like us. I believe I jumped, head-banged, shouted and clapped my hand nonstop during the whole concert. Seems like my recent training has made me more enduring.

The audience was in ecstasy and followed Halo’s instructions for when to shout and how to wave our hands. Halo went down to the audience several times, and so did Kazuki. Lovely.

Kazuki had this mild smile and seemed pretty relaxed, but now and then he started to jump around. Haruka made an amazing performance with his bass, but unfortunately there seemed to be some kind of problem with the sound, since he looked a lot at the sound technicians.

Halo was amazing. His voice were strong and I liked the fact that he played with it times to time, making himself sound totally different.

They are all very handsome boys. Very cute. Kawaii. 🙂

This is a photo that Pinky took of himself during the concert. You can't see me since I was standing too much to the left.

This is a photo that Pinky took of himself during the concert. You can’t see me since I was standing too much to the left.

They played a lot of songs! I lost counting, but a girl claimed that there’s been 15 songs. Some songs were sung a second time during the encore. I like it, cause that helped us to sing along!

Setlist: (Added later)

1. Breakout
2. Aiiro regret
6. Suiren
7. Forward
8. ≠
9. Dilemma
10. 1/6000000000
11. Tori
12. Koe
13. teardrop

Extra performance:
1. Breakout
2. ≠

After the show it was time for signing. I love that part. Unfortunately I mostly get sick at concerts, but this time I was just fine… Maybe ’cause there wasn’t any alcohol in the picture?

All my pictures of the band got blurry. Damn! I must buy myself a better camera. But it’s memories anyway.

I got my poster signed and got an opportunity to talk to the guys and shake their hands. They seemed so humble, happy and loving, smiling a lot and really made a connection to you.

Halo seemed so grateful and thanked us by grabbing our hand with both of his. He had such love eyes. Well, they all had. I wonder if Haruka is the shy one of them? Pinky is the craziest. He repeated his name while signing my poster and nodded happily when I humorous called him Pinky-san.

Signing session

Signing session

Kazuki said that he liked my hair-color which probably made me blush. I said that I liked his hair too. He posed so beautifully before me, but still the photo got blurry. Darn darn!

This is a very promising band that I think that we will see more of. I hope so, and I hope that they return to Sweden. I will do what i can to support them.



Here’s the merchandise I bought. The signed poster sits on my bedroom wall right now. And look at the t-shirt!

I think it’s charming with misspelling on Japanese band-shirts… 🙂 Apparently we live in SwEEden. ^^ Probably that’s a direct translation from Japanese Kanji.

I love Japanese misspelling

I love Japanese misspelling

You were amazing guys. Thank you! Arigatou gozaimasu! Tack!

Vi älskar er!

Hope to see you again!

Following is professional photos taken in Moscow the day before.

Plunklock - a happy gang.

Plunklock – a happy gang.

Plunklock - a cool gang.

Plunklock – a cool gang.

They seemed to have a lot of fun on stage.

They seemed to have a lot of fun on stage.

Haruka is hot.

Haruka is hot.

Yes, Haruka is truly hot.

Yes, Haruka is truly hot.

A film that someone recorded at the gig in Falun:

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