Kaya and Satsuki gig in London

When the darkness fell and I started to get tired, I returned to the Camden station and took a beer at a pub close to “The Underworld” where the gig was going to take place. I saw that people started to queue several hours before the doors opened, which was quite for nothing. Most people didn’t show up before 30 minutes before or so. As did I. Here you can see us standing in line.

People queuing.

People queuing.

Of course there was a lot of people wearing victorian dresses, corsets, bows and flowers in their hair. I got complemented for my hair by several, which made me glad.

First to enter the stage was Kaya. He danced and swirled around the candles with his syntethic big hair which made me a bit nervous.

The stage before Kaya's performance.

The stage before Kaya’s performance.

He switched dresses three times this night. His last dress was a wedding dress. I think he was OK, but first and for all I was there to see Satsuki, the former vocalist in Rentrer en soi, a band I absolutely love. Kaya’s music is a bit more techo-ish and he’s a little bit too drag-ish for me. But it was a lovely show, of course.



When it was Satsuki’s turn, my heart started to beat so fast and I got amazed of how small he was (like so many other japanese artists). He’s like a third of me! O_o

His voice and performance was absolutely fantastic. The whole room got colored by the emotions he brought up with his singing. I also think he’s pretty good at speaking English. He has such a beautiful face with clean, elegant features and amazingly big eyes.

Satsuki, you are one of my very favorites.

Satsuki, a favorite!

Unfortunately, I got a horrible headache after a while, which happens sometimes during concerts. I wonder why, maybe it’s because of dehydration?? Anyway, when the show was over, I felt too sick to stay for the signing so I headed home. I managed to buy a signed polaroid with Satsuki though, and some t-shirts… and a poster… 😉 That had to be enough for me that evening.

Signed photo.

Signed photo.

Another good thing with me leaving early was that I could use the subway. In London, the subway closes at midnight (weird hah?) and it would be expensive for me to go all the way back to Stratford by taxi.

I want to remember this concert for ever. Satsuki has earned even more of my respect and appreciation. He seemed so humble. I like that. I want to see him again. Arigatou.

And lets not forget the drummer, the basist and the guitarist! Reeno was hyper-happy at the gig, he looked like a child on christmas eve with a smile wider than his face. So funny.

Take a look at this videos message with them all. I can’t stop laughing at Satsuki face at 1:49… I think he temporarily sees a ghost.

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