September the 30th, the movie “Bunraku” had premiere in the United States. One of the leading parts was played by Gackt. In the movie, his character was named Yoshi.

Did I have too see it? Of course. ^^ To be honest, the only reason why I decided to watch it was because of this Japanese superman.

Gackt as samurai.

Gackt as samurai.

The story was quite lame and classic though. A typical revenge-story with good guys and bad guys. The cowboy without a gun was played by Josh Hartnett and the samurai without a sword was played by Gackt. Demi Moore played the part as a hooker. (She still looks so damn young.)

This was a hollywood debute for Gackt and I must say that he was excellent. (Not just because I’m a Japan-freak, but because he really was great.) I love martial art scenes and Gackt did all his stunts and fighting scenes by himself. He actually took Taekwondo lessons before the film-making in order to be prepared.

Wonderful fighting scenes.

Wonderful fighting scenes.

One interesting thing with this movie though, was the choice of lightning and colors. Nothing seemed “real”, it looked a little bit cartoony, even though it was live action. If you’re a Gackt-fan, you absolutely must see Bunraku.

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