Gackt & Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour Stockholm Arena

Today it was finally time for Gackts performance in Stockholm. Yellow Fried Chickenz tour. I went to Arenan, Fryshuset accompanied by Jocke and Tim.

(As always we were strictly forbidden to take any photo’s so none of the pictures below are mine.)

I’ve been to so some concerts by now with Japanese artists and mostly it’s a quite humble amount of people, unfortunately.

But not this time. I think there might have been among 1000 people in the audience, probably more than we were at the Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet concert in Oslo last time.

It gladdens me. Obviously, there weren’t only Swedes who had gathered here to see Gackt, but people had come from several different countries in Europe.

So, how was the concert? In one word: Awesome! At first I was a bit confused… but as I think about it more and more… I realize how much it affected me in a positive way.

I got a bit confused about a lot of things. First of all I visited Gackts site the other day and saw commercials for his latest single and hence I expected a Gackt that looked like this:

Beautiful samurai-Gackt with long black hair.

Beautiful samurai-Gackt with long black hair.

But the guy that entered the stage looked like this:

What have you done with your beautiful hair?!

What have you done with your beautiful hair?!

I could hardly recognize him at first. His hair was extremely short, flat, blond and un-styled. He had dark blue makeup around his eyes and a blue fake eyelash under his right eye that swaged down his cheek. (It looked like that anyway.)

He has also gone out for a quite different character style than I’m used to. I expected a man, gently smiling, classic and charming. But the YFC-Gackt is rough and boisterous, macho and almost a bit aggressive. And cool. But Gackt has always been cool, right.

If you would like a demonstration of his appearance and attitude, please look at this Yellow Fried Chickenz press conference. It’s really funny, and just so you know – it’s scripted. Gackt ain’t any asshole in reality. This is just one of his many roles.


And if you don’t got the time to watch the press conference, you can take a look at this short video message from Gackt which is quite amusing as well.


Yellow Fried Chickenz is a separate project and includes more people than Gackt. They did all wear white sleeveless shirts, black short trousers, golden belts and black ties. To be honest, I would have preferred something more androgynous since I’m not that fond of the macho style, but however… They could have worn clown costumes and I would still be in heaven.

Yellow fried chickenz

Yellow fried chickenz

Yellow Fried Chickenz consists of:

Gack (Vocal)
Jon (Vocal)
U:zo (Bass)
You (Guitar)
Takumi (Guitar) – Has played for SUGIZO, MIYAVI, T.M.Revolution and AKB48.
Chachmaru (Guitar)
Shinya (Drums) – Drummer in Luna Sea.

Everything was performed perfectly. Just like Gackt wants it.

Everything was performed perfectly. Just like Gackt wants it.

As you see, there are two vocalists. Gackt was accompanied by Jon, the vocalist from the band fade. He was the only non-Asian on stage and at first I wondered what the heck he was doing up there and when he would leave. But even though I didn’t know about him and even though I didn’t find him cool or attractive, he did a very good job singing together with Gackt. I suppose it’s a great thing with a backup for solo-vocalists like Gackt and even though he sang just as much as Gackt, he didn’t take too much place. He was more like a sidekick.

Jon and Gackt

Jon and Gackt

Gackts voice was amazing from start to end and I was sooo impressed. They danced the whole concert through and even though that must have been hard as hell, the singing was perfect. That was quite a hardass-choreography.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such well-planned and well executed performance before. All these dance steps and movements nonstop. They did everything perfect. Maybe Gackt is a perfectionist. Probably. He’s a star in all means.

I know that Gackt is a very passionate and erotic performer but I didn’t expect this much, ha ha. Early after a few songs, Gackt made some striptease movements towards us and ripped his shirt off. It was thrown – as well as the tie – to the hungry audience. Jon did the same thing. Now and then it looked like Gackt was going to skip the pants as well, but he was only teasing… which he did a lot.

There was a lot of squirming, fan service and touching between Gackt and Jon, like grabbing each others crotch and humping each others legs… ^^ The audience got ecstatic… especially the girls.



They both got quite well sculptured and muscular bodies. Not really my cup of tea either, but as we all know: Gackt likes to show what he got.

From another tour when Gackt wore eye-patch and had black hair.

From another tour when Gackt wore eye-patch and had black hair.

I heard a lot of songs that I like and here’s the set-list:

The End of The Day
Mind Forest [Eng. Version]
Môsô girl
You Are the Reason
All my Love

If you would like to see an example of the show you can watch this. It’s not from the show in Stockholm – but it’s from the same tour.

I jumped, danced, sang and screamed, and was quite exhausted afterwards. It was a wonderful experience as always, and if Gackt return to Sweden (which he promised to do) – I will be there.
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