Lovely Complex

♥ Wow, lucky me! ♥

First Fruits Basket and now Lovely Complex; two great anime series in a row. ^^

I’ve fallen in love… AGAIN! Lovely Complex is – just as Fruits Basket – a keeper, a series I’ll save with intention to actually see it all over again one day and hopefully get a (at least slightly) wonderful experience as the first time.

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

The plot tells the story about two friends which both have complexes of their heights. The girl believes she’s too tall, and the boy believes he’s too short. They both seek love and I won’t tell you that much more in case I spoil something… well, if you haven’t figured it out already.

Anyway, it’s a lovely anime that truly awakens feelings like compassion, sadness, love, guilt, anger, friendship and happiness. I had a hard time to stop watching some nights since I had to sleep.

I recommend everyone that loves anime with focus on relations and love.

Now I’m considering to watch Lovely Complex the movie, but I’m not sure… Maybe it’s too early..?

Lovely Complex - live action movie

Lovely Complex – live action movie

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