Nodame Cantabile

Latetly I’ve been hooked on “Nodame Cantabile”. Badly! I will explain what it’s all about.

A friend gave me this series to watch – Nodame Cantabile – and I have truly fallen in love!

This live drama is based on a successful manga and tells the story about Nodame, a very talented piano student who dreams about becoming a kindergarten teacher. But she meets Chiaki, a handsome top-student, falls in love and hence her future plans get changed.

Who's this guy?

Who’s this guy?

Nodame is a lovely character, played by Ueno Juri. Nodame is childish, naive and romantic and has… certain problems… when it comes to hygiene, cooking and cleaning.

Hygiene? What?

Hygiene? What?

Chiaki on the other hand is very well-organized, neat and good-looking, admired and yearned by all ladies (and boys is some cases). He’s an extremely talented music student who wants to become a conductor in Europe.

Dreams of Europe.

Dreams of Europe.

Nodame forces herself into Chiaki’s life, crazy in love and determined to win his heart. Chiaki disgusts her sloppiness but can’t help taking care of her when she’s in despair – like when she’s out of food. She likes food.



It’s a lovely story with a lot of classical music, slapstick humor and strong feelings. For a western mind, the Japanese storytelling and humor might seem a little bit overacted time to time – but just get used to it – OK?

Slapstick-humor is the shit!

Slapstick-humor is the shit!

Nodame Cantabile is like a typical anime a’la “Love Hina” – but live. I haven’t seen such a great series for a very long time and I want to advise everyone to see it.

I made this short “preview”-film for you that aren’t convinced yet.

Please take a look! ^^


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