Pinky Distortion

Do you remember that I talked about this iPhone game “Pinky Distortion” some days ago?

Pinky Distortion - a visual kei game

Pinky Distortion – a visual kei game

The producer behind it is no one less than Kanon, the adorable former bassist in the oshare kei band An Cafe.

Kanon - the producer.

Kanon – the producer.

I have tried it and I must say that I’m a bit disappointed. Sorry Kanon, I love you, but this wasn’t… good.

Cute guy has arrived.

Cute guy has arrived.

The introduction of the “game” consists of reading a bunch of silly dialogues and those who knows me also knows that I’m not a fan of dialogues in games (less talk, more action!). The game was as linear as it could be: you just clicked your way through a story.

Anyway, you assignment as “Maria” is to find a vocalist for a visual kei band. Three people turn up: an old man that like to sing “enka”, some kind of cheesy Japanese pop. I haven’t heard about it before but according to the characters reactions it’s apparently quite uncool…

Uncool guy.

Uncool guy.

The other one was a businessman in costume, strict and serious. Something told me that he wasn’t Mr. right either.

The third one was *phew* a young handsome guy in visual kei outfit who obviously had a lovely voice. What a fluke!

The handsome guy.

The handsome guy.

Even though the requested outcome is quite obvious you’ll now get your first chance to have some real influence in this game. Your assignment is to pick one of these three people.

Your alternatives.

Your alternatives.

Well, I chose the boy the first time, which seemed to be the correct choice *duh*. But that was also the end of the trial version.

Just for fun, I chooses the old Enka-man next time and that was equal to Game Over, displaying this final words.

Such an ending...

Such an ending…

Too much dialogue and too little fun interaction. Nothing for me in other words. But if they sell the entire game for a low cost then maybe it will bring some profit. I mean, it’s quite rare with a “visual kei game”, right?

I also get quite scared when I bump into screens like this.

Unprofessional interface.

Unprofessional interface.

Typos and inconsistent use of capital letters just don’t look professional. :-S

I’m sorry, but this won’t bring me to buy the game.

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