An Cafe – what are they doing now?

I’m not the only one who miss An Cafe’s happy tunes and wonder what’s going on in the members lives during their break.

The happy gang.

The happy gang.

I’m happy that I got the chance to see them live at least once:


They were a pretty successful oshare kei band, but how will they make it on their own?

Well, there’s at least some news about Miku and Kanon.

Miku and Kanon

Miku and Kanon

Miku has apparantly put his colorful buckles aside and entered a dark era.

Miky gets dark

Miky gets dark

Suddenly he’s dyed his hair dark and started a new band with members from Mello, Guy’s Family and Ninjaman Japan. In there upcoming tour they’ll also bring Aoi from Ayabie.

The bands name is Lc5.

Lc5. Yes, it's Miku in the middle.

Lc5. Yes, it’s Miku in the middle.

Kanon has also started a new band, kind of… a virtual one!

Kanon has become a game designer.

Kanon has become a game designer.

He’s nowadays a video game producer at Studio Blue-3 which recently released “Pinky Distortion”.

Pinky Distortion - a visual kei video game!

Pinky Distortion – a visual kei video game!

Pinky Distortion is a mobile game featuring a visual kei band called DIS;CODE in search for a vocalist. You play the role as a young singer and manager and it’s you responsibility to keep the band together and get successful.

Promotion movie:

At Pinky Distortion webpage you can download a free sample of the game for you iPhone! I don’t have any iPhone myself, but hope my boyfriend will be kind enough to try it out on his.

Take a look at their webpage here: Pinky Distortion.

For you lucky bastards who will in be Baltimore, Maryland, USA July 30 – Aug 1, Kanon will participate in panel and autograph sessions and be a guest DJ at Otakon; a “convention of the otaku generation”. Check it out here: Otakon.

I wish both Miku and Kanon the best of luck! I wonder though what’s happened to the other An Cafe guys; Teruki, Yuuki, Takuya – and not to mention Bou!

Well… Good things come to those who wait.

NYAPPY! o(≧∀≦)o

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