Versailles concert in Norway

Finally time to see Versailles Philharmonic Quintet live!!!

I headed to the central area of Oslo and warmed up (cooled down) with a cold beer.

This would be the first gig by Versailles this European tour.

The tour-dates:

June 26 Oslo (NORWAY)
June 27 Moscow (RUSSIA)
June 29 Helsinki (FINLAND)
June 30 London (UK)
July 02 Barcelona (SPAIN)
July 03 Montpelier (FRANCE)
July 06 Amsterdam (HOLLAND)
July 07 Cologne (GERMANY)
July 09 Hamburg (GERMANY)
July 11 Budapest (HUNGARY)
July 13 Paris (FRANCE)

The concert was held in cooperation with “Desucon”, a Japanese culture-, Sci-Fi- and fantasy convention. The area was filled with funny-looking cosplayers dressed up like Naruto, Pikachu, lolitas etc. Versailles camera crew filmed the queue a lot so I must buy they upcoming tour DVD to see if we are in it. 😉

The first thing I  did when I finally came inside was to buy merchandise. I bought a poster and a t-shirt.

Versailles merchandise

Versailles merchandise

Then I approached the stage and got a nice spot some meters away so I would get a good view. I felt very soon that the room would be hot as hell. The temperature was rising as more people gathered.

The members of Versailles

The members of Versailles

There were a long emotional intro with music, smoke and lights before the members of Versailles entered the stage. First came Yuki, the drummer and then Teru and Hizaki, the guitarists. Last of all came Kamijo, the singer. They all walked from side to side of the stage, posing gracefully.

The original bassist – Jasmine You – passed away last year which is very sad (Mars 1979 – Aug 2009). Since Versailles hasn’t replaced him yet there was a support bassist for this tour: Masashi from the band COSMO. He sneaked up behind all the others so I didn’t notice him at first.

He looked very different from the others with black hair and black clothes. He never showed any emotions and I think he only stepped forward to the edge of the stage once. I must say that he made a very good job and deserved more credits.

The concert was amazing! They all looked like dolls! Tiny and perfect. Yuki truly rocked behind his drums and the guitarist were extremely skillful.

I believe Teru looks a little bit like Aiji in LM.C. Very strait facial features and a gorgeous smile. He almost looked unreal with his perfect hair and skin and blue lenses.

Hizaki made me think of Bou in An Café; the same girlish appearance and movements. When Hizaki played simple chords, he swayed his arm gracefully like he was sewing. He tend to put his right hand under his cheek and look very coquettish and flighty.

Kamijo smiled a lot and made a great performance. He has nice teeth and he looked very charming. ^^

He spoke some English like “Thank you” and “I am happy”, but then he asked us if we understood Japanese and the audience was stupid enough to shout “Hai!”. So the rest of the concert he only talked Japanese and I’m sure a majority of the audience didn’t understand a word of what he was saying. But everybody cheered anyway. I wonder if he ever said something silly just to test us. It almost looked like that. ^_-

1. Aristocrat’s Symphony
2. Gekkakou
3. zombie
5. Ai to kanashimi no nocturne
6. The Umbrella of Glass
7. Shout&Bites

8. Catharsis
9. Amorphous
10. Serenade

13. The Red Carpet Day
14. The Revenant Choir

Well, there were a lot of head-banging, cheering, jumping and waving arms. The audience sweated. The band sweated. Not to question since they wore chunky “aristocratic-looking” outfits. You could see heavy drops of sweat on their faces but their thick layers of make up seemed untouched.

It must be quite time-consuming for them to get ready for a performance. I mean; all the fancy hair styles, clothing, lenses, fake eye-lashes and make up… Imagine that they must to do it before every single concert.

Jasmine You was replaced with Masashi

Jasmine You was replaced with Masashi

They must be exhausted after this one and already tomorrow they will be on stage again – in Russia!

Sometimes, Teru, Kamijo and Hizaki made a simultaneous swirl to the music. The energy was high and the band seemed to be very happy, grateful and humble – as all Japanese musicians I’ve seen so far.

Unfortunately there’s no pictures from this concert since cameras were strictly forbidden. If anyone took photos or filmed, then their cameras would be taken away from them. I saw it happen to a girl next to me.

It’s not unusual with camera bans at concerts with Japanese bands and I we should respect that. All you can take with you is your memories so instead of muddle with a camera we have to enjoy the moment as much as we can, every single second.

And so we did.

Everybody in the band got a presentation by Kamijo, even the passed away Jasmine. Kamijo pointed towards heaven and smiled when he mentioned his name. ^^

At the end of the concert I was so dehydrated that I was sure that I would pass out, but somehow I managed to survive it all.

When Versailles had played their last song, they threw water-bottles, plectrums and drumsticks to the audience. I didn’t catch anything. 😦 They also shook hands with everybody in the front row next to the stage. Real handshakes.

Ahh, I wish I were one of those… but I wasn’t. Those who had been queuing for hours to get a spot in the front deserved it though.

I’m so happy that I decided to go to Norway and see Versailles live. It was quite an experience; a great great show! Two hours of pure delight.

Afterwards I felt a bit empty inside, which I tend to do directly after these big moments in life.

The only things I can make a complaint about was the sound. The engineers seemed to have troubles with getting it right and sometimes you couldn’t hear the guitars, sometimes not the vocalist and so on. It was also very very loud and I hadn’t brought any ear-plugs. Long time after the concert it still rang in my ears. Well, that grandma whining, right? 😉

Here’s another live performance with Versailles so you can get an idea of our lovely experience. It’s my favorite song: PRINCESS!

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