LM.C concert

Finally another concert, I’ve been longing so!
This time did LM.C (Lovely-Mocochang.Com) enter the stage at Klubben in Stockholm.

Let me introduce Maya and Aiji!

Maya and Aiji

Maya and Aiji

The concert was… AWESOME!

Maya had a really cute haircut. As all Japanese bands they were humble and genuine. The music was much more powerful and punching IRL than as digital. Both Maya and Aiji spoke some swedish and it was hilarious – I couldn’t understand half of it but heard:

– Ni är bäst (you are the best)

– Vi är i Sverige (We are in Sweden)

– Tack (thank you)

– Jag älskar er (I love you)

Maya imitated his last – a bit faulty – translation of “thank you very much” in swedish:

– Tack you very much

… and he tended to repeat “tacki” instead of “tack” which were very cute.

I believe Aiji is the pretty one in the band and Maya the charismatic one. They played some of my favorite songs like “Oh my Juliette”, “Bell the cat”, “Days”, “Ghost†Heart” and “Boys and girls”.


… there’s actually a story to tell concerning the last one.

I must confess – I’m a bit jealous..

The concert was about to end soon and Maya asked the audience what we wanted to hear next, so I started to shout “Boys and girls!!!” and obviously I wasn’t the only one, and my boyfriend next to me started to shout it as well.

Apparently, a deep man-voice deafen all squeaky female voices and Maya recognized him in the crowd (we were standing approximately 2½ meters from the stage). Maya leaned forward, pointed at him and said:

– What did you say?

Everybody in front of my boyfriend stepped to the side and looked backwards. It was like Moses who parted the sea and the room got totally silent.

So he shouted all over again:

– Boys and girls!!!

Maya seemed to be pleased with the answer:

– Boys and girls hah? Do you want to hear boys and girls?

And everybody:


The keyboard started to play the well-known tunes and the band continued with our decided song. I was soooooo jealous that my boyfriend got Mayas attention and NOT ME! I should have jumped on his head (my boyfriend’s, not Mayas) to get noticed, but I’m a well-mannered girl.

As expected, Maya filled his mouth with water and sprayed it over the audience. First time I got my chest showered which pleased my starving fan-heart until my boyfriend screamed in my ear that he got the spit in his mouth. Me jealous again. So next time Maya was about to shower us with his spit I ran a bit closer the stage with my wide mouth open – but didn’t get that lucky this time either – only a wet arm. ^_- (Hey, it’s funny to be desperate and silly on concerts – don’t judge me.)

Lovely mocochang.com

Lovely mocochang.com

Once Maya asked us how old we were and the girls screamed: “SIXTEEN!!!”

I considered to scream: “THIRTY!” but chose not to – probably ’cause I couldn’t admit my age to myself…

Maya made us sing along, imitate weird sounds and shout the name of the band-members. We all shouted something about the drummer in Japanese (since Maya wanted us to) – but I don’t think any of us knew what we actually said. Probably something mean since Maya found it extremely amusing. There was also a lot of para-para dance. I imitated the movements as good as I could but unfortunately I’m a slow learner when it comes to choreography.

In total it was a wonderful concert and we had such a nice time. I’m so happy that I got to see them live. All members of the band seemed so happy and crazy. Even the technicians beside the stage were wearing funny masks, danced to the music and waved big flags.

In the end of the concert the band threw bottles, lollipops and plectrums at us. I managed to grab a lollipop which tumbled down on our head and landed on the floor but another girl ripped it from me. *arrrrgh* Her hand appeared from nowhere, between the legs (I was on the floor) so I couldn’t see who she was. But she’s a dead girl (note to self).

The audience was quite small and that worries me. I hope Japanese bands keep coming to Sweden – so we better show up on those concert!!! I haven’t experienced concerts as fun as these since my punk rock era.

Here’s a very sweet song by LM.C. The video tells a story about this “fat little pig” who falls in love with a lion and fear that this love will end his life. (Subtitles in Swedish!)

Sentimental Piggy Romance…


I once read a translation of the lyrics into English, and according to that, Maya singsMy love is pig can fly“.

Hm…  Something must have been lost in translation. ^_-

I got an annoying headache after the concert, but we ended the evening with some beers at a bar, discussing the concert.

I was pleased with the experience as I was. I had a soar throat after a lot of shouting, screaming and singing. I just love to stand in a noisy happy crowd, dancing and sheering.

LM.C tour t-shirt

LM.C tour t-shirt


LM.C stands for: Lovely-Mocochang.Com
Formed: August 12th 2006
Debut: September 3rd 2006

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Vocal & Guitar: Maya
(Yamazaki Masahito) (まぁや)
Vocal & Guitar: Maya (まぁや) (LM.C)

template-cakeJuly 30th 1979
Guitar: Aiji
(Mizui Shinji) (あいじ)
Guitar: Aiji (あいじ) (LM.C)

template-cakeNov 17th 1974

Member History

  • Vo. Maya → sinners → Ishihara Gundan (Miyavi support band, Gt.) → LM.C
  • Gt. Aiji → SIAM SHADE(roadie) → MONALIZA(哀) → KALEN(AI) → Pierrot(Aiji) → PIERROT LM.C

Support members:

  • Dr. Kaede → FAT BUG → test-No., LM.C(support) →  test-No.(kaede), THE GALLO
  • Ba. HIKO → YANKEE ROSE → vogue → nuvc:gu → THE SPIN[2] → LM.C(support) → SPEED-iD
  • Dr. DEATH-O → LM.C(support) → ?
  • Vj. ENKI-MAN → LM.C(support) → ?
  • DJ. Jay-Kay → LM.C(support) → ?
  • Ba. EVAKAN → LM.C(support) → ?

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