D’espairsRay concert

I’m in love (again)! ^^

It has been an awesome day yesterday. I went to Stockholm and met Neko at the railway station. We grabbed something to eat and exchanged gifts. I got a book that I will read at a stretch: “A practical Guide to Living in Japan”! That’s perfect. Thanks Neko! We will be fully prepared when we move to the land of the rising sun, right!

D'espairs Ray


We headed for Fryshuset and lined to the D’espairsRay concert. The crowd was pretty small and even though we came in among the last ones, I got a nice spot 3 meters from the stage. During the concert, I managed to squeeze closer.



When the four dark angels entered the room, I knew that this would be amazing. They looked so good in person and as I told you in my previous post; they sounded great live! I couldn’t help myself from dancing, jumping, head banging and cheering the whole concert through, even though the hall was hot as Sahara.

D’espairsRay consists of:
Hizumi: vocals
Karyu: guitar
Zero: bass
Tsukasa: drums

They were all very charismatic and full of energy. I never allowed myself to rest, ’cause if they managed to give it all, I wanted to do that too.

Hisumi’s voice were great and perfect the entire concert. I love his growling. Karyu tended to stuck out his tongue now and then, which looked quite funny.



He seemed to be totally absorbed by the performance, like he was high or dreaming. Both me and Neko came to think about Yoshiki (X-Japan) when we saw him. They have something in common, but I’m not sure of what it is. Afterwards, I realized that he looks a little bit like Enya (12012) as well.

I guess the most delicious eyecandy for the night was Zero. Can’t remember last time I saw someone so incredible cute. He have the sweetest smile in the world. He constantly incitet the crowd to cheer, clap hands and shout. I love the feeling of standing in a crazy crowd and feel the rhythm of resounded sheers in my entire body.

Now and then, Zero started to jump and dance in circles on stage. It reminded me of Reita (The GazettE). It looked crazy and dangerous. I though that he was going to fall, but he must be a professional or something.



If  Zero is the cute troll, I believe Tsukasa is the beautiful prince. Like a manga character! He was pretty focused on his drums all the time, but after the encore, he entered the stage by himself and played the loveliest tunes on a flute. It was magical and at that time I was about to burst into tears. It truly touched me.

As all Japanese bands, they tried to speak Swedish with us. I love that part, ’cause it sounds so cute and funny. Mostly it was pretty hard to hear what they said, but I heard Hizumi say: “Jag är vädur” (I’m an Aries) and Karyu say: “Jag älskar er” (I love you).

D’espairsRay loves to perform, that’s my impression. The energy was at its peak, they had fun and gave it all. I love bands who plays rough music but which members are humble and friendly. Hizumi’s smile in the end when he shook hand with some people in the audience was priceless.



This band is so great to see live, so if you ever get the opportunity: go see them! Right now, I’m listening to Hollow and Lizard, two of my favourit songs with D’espairsRay and dreams about yesterday.

At the end of the concert, the band started to spray water over the audience. A “Miku-reprise”, you know, they filled their mouths with water and sprayed it over our heads (or in our face, more correctly). Neko managed to get some Zero-drops in her mouth. ^_- I got a shower in my face as well, but the crowd was quite hysterical at the moment so I couldn’t see who it came from. Maybe Karyu or Hizumi. Ah, any D’espairsRay spit will do for me. ;-p

I usually never manage to catch any of these things that the bands throw to the audience, like water bottles, drumsticks etc. But this time I was lucky: I got my hands on Zero’s plectrum!

Zero's plectrum

Zero’s plectrum

*yay* I will put it in a golden frame and kiss it every night. ^_-

I also purchased a pretty D’espairsRay t-shirt and a poster. (No one who takes a look at my walls believes I’m over 20 years old… ^_- I’m a fan girl, that’s for sure. And I’m not ashamed!)

Merchandise: T-shirt

Merchandise: T-shirt

I’m really looking forward to see them again, and I’m also looking forward to upcoming concerts this fall: Miyavi and MUCC. If we’re’ lucky, we might also see X-Japan in France. Wouldn’t it be amazing…?
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