Traveling to Kyoto

Me and Hide going to Kyoto.

Next day, me, Josefin and Hide jumped on a train to Kyoto.

Kyoto is the former capital of Japan (794 to 1868) and is well-known for its great amount of old Buddhism temples and Shinto shrines. This is the place were the emperor get crowned.

Kyoto is a smaller town and the population is almost like Stockholm. If you go to Japan and would like to see some beautiful temples and breathtaking nature, I recommend you to visit Kyoto.

Kyoto map

Three sorts of fish

The first evening we went out to a nice restaurant to get something to eat.

I certainly got a surprise at this restaurant. I decided to order a dish called “Healthy dish” with three sorts of fish. I like fish, so I believed that would be a good choice.

Healthy Dish

But when they served me the plate I couldn’t see any fish on it. I thought they maybe would bring it in later and started to investigate what else could be found on my plate. There were mashed potatoes and small bowls with rice, vegetables and something that appeared to be sprouts… Fish first. Then I realized that it was the fish. Very small fishes indeed.

They were so small so they looked like tiny worms with black eyes. For a second I didn’t feel hungry anymore but decided to eat it. I mean, this is only a cultural difference. Eating small fish that stares at you shouldn’t be any worse than eating crayfish or shrimps. The fishes was also stirred into the rise, so they kind of decorated my whole dish.

Something crunched between my teeth when I tasted them. I hoped it was something else then their eyes being crushed in my mouth. To eat them, I had to mash them together with my chopsticks, like a ball of fish babies.

I think Josefin laughed at me the whole dinner. She found it all very amusing and probably thought I wouldn’t finish that dish. But I did. It was actually quite good, tasted like salt fish (not too surprising maybe). But I couldn’t help myself imagining small heads stuck in my throat the rest of that evening.


Blog posts from this journey:

Arrived in Kyoto

28 June 2009

Now we have arrived in Kyoto! It will be interesting to take a better look at this city and its shrines and temples. But right now, I am longing for something to eat and a cold beer. Hide say hi! ^^

And yeah, it is still VERY hot and humid. Like a sauna. But I believe that me and Josefin are adapting pretty well.

Bye for now!

First day in Kyoto

28 June 2009

Today we arrived in Kyoto (as I told you earlier) and it has been a nice trip. At the evening, we ate at a restaurant and I got a surprise when I ordered my food. I won’t tell you yet what I ordered but I had to think about something else while eating it. ^^ It tasted good though. I will show you pictures when I come home.

I also found an eatable gift for “the cat”. I hope she’ll like it. ^^

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