Moon child

Put vampires, Gackt and Hyde in a movie and you will have a… a really nice time. ^_-

Yesterday I watched the Japanese movie Moon Child, starring Gackt (former vocalist in Malize Mizer) and Hyde (vocalist in L’Arc~en~Ciel).

Hyde shares his cigarette with Gackt.

Hyde shares his cigarette with Gackt.

It all takes place in the future where Japan suffers from an economical crisis. In a fictional city called Mallepa, some young boys sustain themselves by stealing. One day they get in serious trouble with a gangster who doesn’t hesitate to kill them. One of the boys – Sho – gets saved by a mysterious young man – Kei – who kills the gangster and takes care of the boy.

While Sho grows up to a young man, Kei doesn’t seem to age. Ooooo, how come? Of course, he’s a vampire. *wide grin*

Vampires is excellent fighters.

Vampires is excellent fighters.

I love the fights. They are cool and funny. *teenager*

I believe that the narrative was good… but not delivered to its fullest. The story wasn’t original in any way, rather quite predictable. But it’s OK, ’cause this is that kind of movie that you just want to get cozy with, enjoying the cool fights (that had a little touch of Matrix) and sigh deeply to the appearance of Gackt and Hyde. To be honest, I wasn’t that much of a fan of Hyde before, but I must say that I’ve changed my mind.

Sho is played by Gackt

Sho is played by Gackt

And Gackt. Oh Gackt, our beloved freak of nature. Well, if I wouldn’t have considered him as super-cool, drop-dead gorgeous and totally unbelievable before – then I do that know. ^_- Seriously, he’s an amazing actor and so so funny! Is there anything that man can’t do?

I love the first part of the movie in which they fight gangsters together. Gackt is so charming and so darn hilarious that it shocked me. I wasn’t prepared for that.

So, yeah – you should see it. Here’s some sneakpeaks:



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