Two girls with the same name – Nana – bumps into each other on a train and become friends. Even though their names are identical, they have quite different personalities.

Oosaki Nana (played by Mika Nakashima) is a deeply troubled punkrock girl with a gorgeous voice who don’t seem to care about anything. Komatsu Nana on the other hand (played by Aoi Miyazaki) is a lighthearted well-mannered girl who moved to Tokyo just to be near her boyfriend who by some reason don’t seem to have any time for her…

Komatsu Nana and Oosaki Nana on the train.

Komatsu Nana and Oosaki Nana on the train.

Komatsu Nana realise that something bad once happened to Oosaki Nana and the movie takes us back to a time when she used to be happy and in love with the former guitarist of the band – Honjou Ren (played by Ryuhei Matsuda) – who looks like an asian Sid Vicious. ;p

Ken'ichi Matsuyama

Ken’ichi Matsuyama

Ken’ichi Matsuyama has a part in this movie too (I’ve mentioned him before in connection with the movies “Death Note”and “Don’t laugh at my romance”.

In “Nana”, Ken’ichi plays Okazaki Shinichi, the bassist in Oosaki Nana’s band “The Black Stones”. Ain’t he kawaii as a blond as well? –>

This movie was cute but no wow experience. It’s based on the anime with the same name and there’s a followup movie as well. I believe the best part was when “The Black Stones” performed with the song Glamorous Sky since I like that song and the girl has a really nice voice (and is cute). ^^ You should watch the performance HERE.

Maybe Nana is something for you? Take a look at this trailer:


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