Don’t laugh at my romance

Well, as some of you know I got pretty fond of Ken’ichi Matsuyama while watching the “Death Note” movies. Ken’ichi plays the weird but charming detective “L”. So… I decided to see more films with this actor. The first one was “Don’t laugh at my romance” (“Hito no sekkusu o warauna”, 2007).

Ken’ichi plays Mirume, a young college student who falls in love with Yuri, a college professor. Mirume is only 19 years old, very naive and is easily seduced by the charming Yuri who is almost 40 years old and married. It all evolves to a quite complex romance with passion and jealousy.

 Mirume and Yuri

Mirume and Yuri

At first, I thought the movie was total crap! It’s very slow paced. Veeeeery slow paced. The majority of the scenes are drawned-out and event-less. There’s very few cuts which makes it all feel like a simple documentary time to time. I’m a person who loves to study faces, so I always get annoyed when there’s no close-ups in movies. Well, of course there were no close ups in this one.

I didn’t feel like there were any story of interest either. It was all so clumsy and amateurish. Many times I wondered how the heck the actors managed to act with such lack of acting.

The characters were boring, irritating and stupid. They acted childish, almost retarded. I got very annoyed by Yuri’s and En-chan’s extremely childish behaviour. (En-chan was a girl who had a crush on Mirume). If I would be a part of that movie, I would like to hit them. Seriously. I think Mirume was pretty lame and corny as well.

So I interrupted the movie after I’ve seen half of it and was pretty disappointed.

But it’s so strange… ’cause by some reason I just couldn’t stop thinking about the movie afterwards. Even though I didn’t like it, I had been put under its spell I guess… I can’t really explain.

So, I continued watching the other day and hated myself for it, ’cause that movie brought so many negative feelings inside of me; anguish, sorrow, frustration and so on. Mostly anguish I think. It was truly painful. I won’t tell you how it ended, but it was quite unsatisfactory and I felt mentally robbed. That movie got me fu**ing depressed!

So, even though my consciousness would like to reject it totally, another part of me fell in love and seems to endure the pain of a broken heart right now.

So.. I guess the movie was amazing.


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