Death Note

So I’ve finally watched the entire Death Note anime…

It was good!

Probably one of the most exciting animes I’ve seen actually… not as good as Elfen Lied though. There’s no other Elfen Lied. ^^ Elfen Lied is the queen of animes.

Well, it’s about this guy Light who one day finds a note book (dropped by a death god) and he finds out that he can kill people simply by visualizing their face while writing there name down in it. He wants to create a new world free from evil and therefore he starts to eliminate all criminals that get exposed in media.

Death Note

Death Note

He works under the alias “Kira” and when some people – like the police force – wants him arrested for mass-murder, others starts to consider him as a savior. One of the central characters in this series is the mysterious “L” who leads the investigation with the police force, an extremely smart guy with an insatiable hunger for sweets. ^^

Well, I won’t tell you what happens ’cause I think you should watch the anime instead. The narrative was quite complex from time to time, so make sure you’re alert while watching it. And if you’re sensitive I can assure you that this was none of those blood bath animes, even though an extreme amount of people get murdered. It’s a well-made, pretty and exciting anime that makes you ponder about righteousness.

And since I’ve finally watched the anime, I can allow myself to watch the movies. I look forward to that!

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