Girugämesh! *happy birthday to me*

After a week of suffering from sickness, I finally got back on my feet this sunday and went to Stockholm, eager to party and rock all night with Girugämesh.

Well, here I am, dressed for success. ;p


After my arrival to our capital city, I met Neko, my partner in crime and got probably the best birthday gift of the year (my birthday is the 12th, but I celebrated it a little bit early. ^^) It’s a painting of Uruha and Ruki, the guitarist and vocalist of my favorite band the GazettE. Thank you, Neko! o(≧∀≦)o *happy* (It’s on my wall now, btw.)


We went to Megastore where Girugämesh had their record signing and to our big surprise we didn’t have to stand in line that long at all. (Good, since it started to rain.)


Zomg, the Girugämesh guys where so cute and so friendly. I wanted to say something cool in Japanese, but I only managed to giggle “Konnichi wa” (Good day) and “Arigatou gozaimasu” (Thank you). ^_-

I was actually shaking…

I’m so happy that I brought my camera. (Ryo’s smile in the end of the signing is worth dying for, isn’t it?).
My signed record! I’m so happy, happy, happy! *framing*
After that, Neko and I went to a restaurant since we had some time left to the concert. The waiter was kind enough to buy me a beer (Gosh, friendly people in Stockholm actually exist?) But if he wanted something in exchange, he didn’t get it. He told us that people had been standing in line on the street to the record signing for 9 hours. I guess Neko and I were quite lucky who got away so easily.

The concert were at Klubben, Fryshuset and the line wasn’t that bad there either. The weather was quite nice as well, no rain. Inside the building, we first took a look at the merchandise and among other things we both bought a Girugämesh t-shirt. Well, I bought two. *greedy*

Isn’t the pink one cute?
“I am crazy star”

*lol* I love that line. Sounds like “japanese english”, doesn’t it?

“Dead or dead”

Um… OK. Let’s say so. ^^ That’s my kind of humour actually.

The concert was awesome! Girugämesh was truly amazing live and I’m so happy that I finally got to see them. Such energy! After been laying in bed for a week, it really felt great to get a nice exercise in the crowd, dancing and headbanging, cheering and clapping hands Well, I felt alive again. In that audience, I decided to throw away my age. So, just so you know – I don’t have any age any longer. It’s gone. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Poof ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . From now on, I’m X years old, OK?

Ryo was incredible cute behind his drums and I got quite impressed by Shuu’s an Nii’s energy. (Now I know that the guitarist name is Nii… I used to call him “han med hakan”. Bad bad Iona.) And Satoshi, well, watta guy! 😀 I love his voice, so smooth and yet so raw.

Some of the songs they played that is my favorites:

  • Break down
  • Angry juice
  • Dance rock night
  • Ishtar
  • Patchwork
  • Shining

I will see them again, no doubt. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see them in Gothenburg where they will be playing at the Metal Town festival, since I will be in Japan at that time. But hey, there must be more opportunities.

Maybe I’ll see you guys in Japan next time? ^^

Thanks Neko and Girugämesh for a birthday that I will never ever forget.

*Ai* ♥

It’s very late now and I have to get to work tomorrow, otherwise I would tell you more about the weird things that happened yesterday (me being freak-magnet and all).
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