Harajuku Dance Rock Night!


Beware, this entry is written by a 14 year old girl (ok… +14) who needs to express her love to her idols. Ah, I don’t care about being grown up right now. That’s too boring.

Me and Daniel travelled to Stockholm to see An Cafe at Tyrol, Gröna Lund. It was grrrrrreat! I feel so happy (nyappy!) when I think about it, but also a bit sad since it’s all over. I can’t wait to see them again.


When we arrived, we passed “Bengans”, a music store at which An Cafe had a signing session, The line was way too long, unfortunately, so there was no use for us to join. The band would leave within an hour. I found a cute video from the signing session at Youtube. Take a look at the band:

Well, we continued to our hotel, checked in and then grabbed a beer before we took the ferry to Djurgården.

It was a sunny day, but cold as hell. Before the concert we had to wait in line for quite a while. To my surprise though, we found really good spots inside, close to the stage and on some kind of ledge.

There were mostly young girls there – and some boys. I believe that I and Daniel were among the oldest in the audience (apart from the parents who escorted their kids). A lot of bright colors, hair extensions, fluffy leg warmers, rivets, cat ear diadems, bows, buckles and Lolita outfits. Very cute!

A security guard forced me to take off my chokers, which made me quite pissed off. I mean, who could I possibly hurt with those? They are not even sharp. I didn’t bring any camera either, since it was forbidden and I didn’t want it to be confiscated (still swearing about security taking my rubber gloves at the TH concert). But there were some people who filmed with their cell phones so I hope to see more material from the concert on Internet soon. Except those disappointments, the evening was magical.

They opened the concert by entering the stage one by one. The crowd went wild and screamed like crazy. I was amazed by how SMALL they are! Well, I knew they were short, Miku is only 164 cm, but they were tiny in general. Like dolls.

This is another video from Youtube. It’s from the concert. You can’t see or hear very much of An Cafe, but you can sense the atmosphere (and the screams… ^^ ).


I really don’t get Yuki, I have a hard time to accept him as a member of the group. He looks silly and he acts silly… but the girls seemed to love him. Well, maybe I will learn to enjoy his synthesizer contribution.

Kanon seemed to wear hair extensions, quite long, bleached red and wavy in the end. Beautiful! But I like his manga-look more. He had such long fringe, covering his eyes. I wish I could have seen more of his beautiful face. His face, especially his cheeks, looked so emaciated! OMG, don’t they feed that poor bassist? I get truly worried. Let me take care of him, ok?

By some reason, he switched bass between every song. I don’t really know why. Was something wrong or did he just want to show off his pretty collection? A technician sneaked up behind him during one of the songs and started to tweak something on the instrument while Kanon still was playing, acting like nothing. *lol*

Miku was extremely pretty as always, but carried the ugliest pants ever! ^_- Glistening and very – veeeeeery – tight. Omg. Takuya – the guitarist, who replaced our beloved Bou, looked really, really cute…

090320bThey spoke very funny English, such cute accent. They didn’t seem to master that language too well, but we could understand what they said (mostly). One of the greatest moments was when all of the band members spoke Swedish. Omg, their voices! I truly don’t want to be mean, but they sounded hilarious! When Teruki – the drummer – grabbed the microphone and started to talk, I first though that they had distorted the sound, like pitched his voice or something. It sounded like he had inhaled helium. But I realised that he actually sounded that way, poor guy. ^_- When Takuya said “Hej Stockholm” (Hi Stockholm), it sounded like a cartoon character. I laughed sooo much.

I don’t remember all that they said, but I was very impressed by their Swedish pronunciation – much better than their English. … except Kanon’s pronunciation of or capital: “stocko-holm”… ^_- but it was cute. He made us shout “Hej” faster and faster to the beat of the drums. Miku watched him and smiled. Then Miku asked us if we liked Stockholm boys or An Café. The answer from the crazy fans was the latter – of course.

They opened the concert with Cherry Saku Yuuki (I love that song) and I’m so happy that they played so many of my favourites, like Snow Scene (the one I love most of them all), Bonds kizuna, Nyappy in the world 4, My heart leaps for “C”, Tekesuta kousen, Duck no Magical Adventure, Smile Ichiban Ii Onna, etc (click the titles to hear the song).

They danced cute para para with the audience and during one song they made us shout their name and “Nyappy”.

Between two songs, Miku suddenly picked up two dolls: Pippi Longstockings (yay, they’ve done their homework) and Donald Duck (Donald Duck has becomed an An Café mascot more or less …)

He asked us if we wanted Pippi or Donald Duck. Well, the audience wanted the duck, so to my pure delight they played my favourite “Duck no Magical Adventure”. Miku wore Donald Duck as a hand puppet and made his famous Donald Duck imitation – and it got even better!

He picked up his plastic hammer that I have hoped to see. It was not as big as I thought though, but when he started to hit the fans’ heads, I ran towards the rail in hopes to touch it. I was one meter too far from him though, aaah… I always have bad luck on concerts. I never get the chance to shake their hands or catch their towels, bottles or spectrums… But I got something else this time!

Since Miku got very hot on the stage, he needed to drink a lot of water, and he was generous enough to share. He filled his mouth with water and sprayed it over the audience. All over again, I ran to the rail in hope to get sprayed – and I was. ^_- (Daniel, got Miku’s saliva in his face too, even though he didn’t wish for it as much as I did. ;)) I watched the rest of the concert through glasses stained by Miku’s spit and felt like I’ve been touched by God (I told you I would sound like a 14-year old… ^_-)


It was such a great energy throughout the whole concert and such lovely communication between the band and the fans. It was amazing. I danced and jumped so much so I was exhausted after the concert and dripping with sweat. I will definitely see them next time they come to Sweden (or nearby).

Then I was a good girl. No stalking. I think it was good that Daniel took care of me so I wouldn’t do anything stupid. It seemed like he enjoyed the concert as well, and he said that he also want to see them next time they come to Sweden. That made me happy to hear.

We ended the day at an Irish pub and next morning we returned to Skövde since I had to work.

1. Cherry Saku Yuuki!!
2. Tekesuta Kousen
3. Kawayu’s Rock
6. Orange Dream
7. NYAPPY in the world 4
10. Snow Scene
11. BondS – Kizuna
12. Smile Ichiban Ii Onna

What Miku had to say about Sweden (21/3 2009):

Yesterday we were in Sweden, Stockholm and it was a beautiful place. Buildings made of rocks and buildings made of bricks. Everything that I saw was so inspiring. And it felt like the sky was reachable…like I could just stretch my arm out and grab the cloud. If we took our artist photos here, it’d probably look cool. I’d love to do a photoshoot overseas in a town like this one day.

What Teruki had to say about the concert in Stockholm: (21/3 2009)

So recently, I’ve been changing the way I perform. Like changing the inflection of the drum, and expanding the drums more. This is something we’ve started discussing as a band lately. Before all I was thinking about was “How do we grab the fans attention & make their hearts to pound”. Luckily we have over 10 shows so I really want to brush up and get better while I’m here. Last nights show was again a very fulfilling show and I was able to totally enjoy my time! Thank you to all the Stockholm Cafe-ko’s m(_ _)m

Read An Cafe’s My Space Blog

See their Official site
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