Hail GazettE

I watch the DVD “Nameless Liberty Six Guns”, a live tour with the GazettE… and I’m so amazed. They are so f***ing great live! God damn, I must see them live at least once before I die! Please, come to Europe!

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a band having so much fun at stage. Even the drummer – Kai (Yutaka Uke) – laughs while playing. I think that drummers usually only looks neutral and concentrated. Not to question, it must be strenuous as hell to be the drummer.

The guitarists – Aoi (Yuu Shiroyama) and Uruha (Kouyou Takashima) – are awesome… So talented so I get sick. I truly get shivers down my spine at every solo, can’t holding back my enthusiasm. And the bassist – Reita – (Akira Suzuki) – he’s just incredible too…. When he’s stepping forward, doing his solo… I’m about to faint.

Sometimes, bands rocks as long you listen to their tracks on a CD… but they suck live. GazettE rocks at both. Ruki’s (Matsumoto Takanori) voice is great live and he perform with such passion and mystique. Damn, that man is sexy.

the GazettE

the GazettE

I truly must recommend everybody to see this concert. I’ve been at a lot of concerts, but I’ve never seen a concert where all the members of the band (I mean ALL) have such a great energy and incredible CONNECTION with the audience. They are constantly waving at the audience, encourage them to dance and sing. They jump, kicks, dances, smiles, laughs at each other, patting each others shoulders and are so extremely charismatic.

I’ve been at a lot of concert where it feels like the artist only does his thing, but gives nothing more to the audience. It’s like giving the finger. The GazettE gives the audience their entire soul.

Another thing that amazes me is actually the audience. It’s a standing concert and it’s big as hell. There are thousands of people. But they are actually standing in some kind of grid? It’s “air” between the people – and there’s no fences or other weird stuff that hinder them from moshing. I’ve never seen anything like it. All concerts I’ve been at – people have gone wild and crazy, slamming into each others so multiple get injured (and sometimes dies 🙁 ). This audience is rocking like crazy, headbanging and dancing – but they never leave their spot.

Colorful gods.

Colorful gods.

I wonder if that is some kind of cultural thing? The concert is recorded in Budokan, Tokyo. Maybe Japanese people show each other more respect at concerts then Europeans do. Well, I don’t know. I’m just clueless how they can keep such a great audience organized. If you know – tell me! It’s like magic. Or maybe I’ve only been at chaotic concerts myself…

I’ve used a lot of superlatives (and curses) in this entry. That’s because the GazettE deserves it.

Hail the GazettE!

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