Tribute to Elfen Lied

When you’re born in the 80s and work with media, it sometimes feels like you’ve already seen it all. It gets harder and harder to get this “wow”-feeling while watching movies or playing games. Nothing scares you anymore. I know there are a lot of discussions concerning media’s affect on children and it often become a sensitive issue. Personally, I don’t think that violent media makes us to bad persons. It might expand our tolerance limits – in the context of media – but I’m convinced of that a clear majority have no problems with separating fiction from real life.

Myself, I’ve got picky when it comes to movies, series and games. I’m quite easy to entertain otherwise though… I can watch birds for hours or get excited by a silly air balloon, but when it comes to media – I’m unfortunately not that easy to entertain any longer.

That’s why I really appreciate these moments when I experience something new that touches my heart in some way. It happens so rarely.

One of this great moments when I got totally immersed with media, was when I watched the Elfen Lied anime.


The manga genre is often quite controversial and hard for western people to embrace. Elfen Lied brings these controversial issues to its peak. I would lie if I would say that it was all a pleasant experience. It’s really not about that. Some elements were really hard to watch, but they had their purpose. The brilliant and artistic mixture of gore, Japanese humor and cute manga characters brought an overall experience that blew me away.

I really love it and I want to spread the word: see it!

Therefore, I’ve made a “Tribute to Elfen Lied movie”. Warning: The movie contains violent and scary scenes and should not be seen by sensitive people.


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