Selling and trading

My intention is to put stuff on this page that I’m willing to sell or trade. If you are interested in anything or just have question, please send me a mail!

Prices can definitely be discussed and if you have something I like I might be interesting in trading. :-)

Shipping costs is not included in the prices.

Phantasmagoria DVD

“Under the veil”
Region: all

Price: 6 Euro (50 SEK)

Phantasmagoria DVD - under the veil

Phantasmagoria DVD – under the veil

Megaromania poster

I’m selling a Megaromania poster in very good shape.
Price 6 EURO / 50 SEK.

Megaromania poster

Megaromania poster

Idol pictures – Miku

I’m selling idol picture of Miku, singer in An Cafe (21x18cm, attached to hardboard). I once bought it in an idol shops in Harajuku, Japan. It’s in excellent shape.

Price: 4 Euro (30 SEK)

The autograph is printed. Click the picture to see it bigger.

Idol Photos

I’m selling (or is open for trading) idol photos of Japanese stars that I once bought in idol shops in Harajuku (Japan), or at concerts I’ve been to. They are in good shape!
Size: ~8x12cm

* For a single photo: 2 Euro (15 SEK)
Click for larger pictures:
Contact MAIL.

Do you have a Kousuke cheki?

I would like to trade a cheki on Kousuke from Amaranyx for any of the chekis that you can see below. If it’s a really nice looking cheki, I can trade it for two or even three. ^^

Amaranyx Chekis

Chekis: Masahito, Syouta or Kazuharu

Orochi members from the European tour 2013




An Cafe DVD – Nyappy Go Around The World – Live & Document DVD (An Cafe Live Café – tour ’08)


2 discs

Price: 6 Euro (50 SEK)

1 Disc 1
2 Opening
3 Documentary 1
4 Lock On The Brand New World
5 Baby King
6 Aijo Cycling
7 Documentary 2
8 Candy Holic
9 Eseuranai
10 Tekesuta Kousen
11 Documentary 3
12 Escapism
13 Documentary
14 Nanairo Crayon De Egaku Hikari
15 Disc 2
16 Documentary 5
17 Et Cetera The World
18 Nyappy In The World 3
19 Pipopapo Telepathy
20 Documentary 6
21 Kakusei Heroism
22 Koritsu Hospital
23 Cherry Saku Yuuki
24 Documentary 7
25 Orange Dream
26 3p
27 Bonds Kinzu
28 Documentary 8
29 Smile Ichiban Ii ? (Onna)

An Café DVD

An Café DVD

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28 thoughts on “Selling and trading

    • Hi! If I send send them in a regular mail, the shipping costs is 12 SEK =~1,43 Euro.
      I would like 50 SEK for the Orochi chekis so in total it would be 7 Euro. If you’re interested you are welcome to mail me at:

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    • You can click the “mail”-link in the sentence “mail me a bid.” above to send me a mail. :-) (Just noticed that I’ve made a typo in the mailaddress, but now it’s working.)

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  10. hey I want to ask you,do you sell/trade anything about Yohio,some posters or something? :)…I have cds,but I want some poster or something like that :)….Im from Croatia

  11. ok :)…do you know maybe how can I buy Yohio’s book except cdon?…because yeah they dont ship to Croatia so I cant register there or buy… hmm maybe in some way I can send money to you for book or something?

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