new look

DEATHGAZE’s new look!

Info Band: DEATHGAZE Formed: 2003 Hiatus: December 23rd 2014 Members Vocal: Ai (藍) Guitar: Takaki (贵 树) Bass: Kosuke (孝 介) Drums: […]

the Raid.’s new look!

Info Band: the Raid. First single: 2011 Members: Vocal: Sena (星七) Guitar: bo_ya Guitar: Yuuha (由羽) Bass: Iori (庵) Drums: Kazuhi (一陽) […]

DIV’s new look!

Info Band: DIV Formed: 2012 Members Vocal: Chisa Guitar: Shogo Bass: Chobi Drums: Satoshi Web DIV Official Webpage DIV Official Facebook DIV […]

DaizyStripper’s new look!

Info Band: DaizyStripper Formed: 2007 Members: Vocal: YU-GIRI (夕霧) Guitar: NAO (なお) Guitar: MAYU (まゆ) Bass: Rei Drums & Piano: KAZAMI (風弥) […]

Haro’s new look!

Haro did recently post some new pictures of him on Facebook. Haro who? HARO! :-) The former vocalist in PLUNKLOCK and now […]


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