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Haro’s new look!

Haro did recently post some new pictures of him on Facebook. Haro who? HARO! :-) The former vocalist in PLUNKLOCK and now […]

Gimmick.’s new look!

Info Band: Gimmick. Formed: January 2012 Members: Vocals: NanasE yu (七瀬夕) Guitar: SHIGE. Guitar: Hiro. (ひろ。) Bass: JITAN Drums: Yoshio (良夫) Web; […]

BIOSPHIA’s new look

Info Band: BIOSPHIA Formed: May 10, 2011 Members: Vocals: Naru (鳴) Guitar: Reki (暦) Guitar: May (芽唯) Bass: Yuki (夕紀) Drums: Shion […]

DaizyStripper’s new look!

Info Band: DaizyStripper Formed: 2007 Members: Vocal: YU-GIRI (夕霧) Guitar: NAO (なお) Guitar: MAYU (まゆ) Bass: Rei Drums & Piano: KAZAMI (風弥) […]

AvelCain’s new look!

Info Band: AvelCain Formed: 2013 Members: Vocal: Karma (業) Guitar: Kaede (楓) Bass: Zen (禅) Web: AvelCain Official Webpage Other post about […]


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